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Football Friday: B-CC at Walter Johnson



  1. Walter Johnson0:05, 0:12, 0:37
  2. Chargers1:34
  3. Rivers1:33
  4. Washington0:00, 1:51
  5. public schools0:03
  6. alma mater0:21
Sat, 5 Nov 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

Z -- in Washington dot com. All right let's move the public schools now BCC and Walter Johnson a another local battle a battle but that up. BCC with a chance but the play their way into the playoffs Walter Johnson commented to a seven. An opportunity to play spoiler on senior night up at that 6400. Rock's bring god knows what Johnson you know it's my alma mater they don't gonna get a lot -- the -- but that's the mound they were fired up noticed when we pick it up. Fix nothing WJ down the BCC. In the second quarter Nicklaus small want to punt the -- on the small about this kick he's got a big leg knocks all the way to Walter Johnson territory but. You -- call volume of stupid out looks like he's down but he's not. And it looks like he's down here. Body's not be it's just. Kick his feet moving great hustle play by Utley steps out there it's still I couldn't get him down a great return from a volume with detected in the BCC territory. Few plays later after the young man manages to catch his breath number point five gets the call again another strong run behind some good blocking. Into the parent -- -- the Walter Johnson threatening. The drive slows down here it's third and twelfth. Quarterback got skill scramble around rolled to his right looks like he's. In trouble but he makes one man miss and then goes on a wild scramble across the field. Put the shoulder down dive inside the five and somehow on third and twelve -- thirteen men to pick up a first down second goal now. Fumbled exchange we saw this. At every level you thought from Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers through theater and the wildcats beat CC recovers Julien banks. Johnny on the spot number 22 scoops it up and the parents win 28. To fourteen. Huge victory for BCC. As day get the WZ -- in Washington dot com.

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