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NBC's Chris Hansen on the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal-11/9



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Wed, 9 Nov 2011|

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CSN Washington dot com. They scored right now of course the situation at Penn State would scorn on. Is big issue one thing I hope that comes out of this. Is that people since if they see something happen or they hear about so like of this nature I think exactly do something about it accurate because. It's the initial reports. In if a member of the Stan actually witness the central us all. -- -- the -- You don't just go your office he should be calling the police then go. That's a crime can. And in the real question I think is you know who knew one way how much did coach -- How much did the how much did the president of the university. And this is gonna take a pool on that college for a long long time and I -- I have to feel normal how these things play out a lot of this is going to come you know what I wonder if they could get a better job getting out ahead this. Obviously -- ago swept and even in the last week I think you know had built the law enforcement and -- and -- in the beginning. Case closed. Then they go after this the Sox and they do the investigation it in the real shame of this besides him and that being brought us. Is that. Because it was reported that law enforcement how many other victims from. -- than that could've been saint. It's it's because we know this. This goes on and it yet so somehow this being attached to a major sports story could potentially be a good thing in a sense of getting awareness about this should be now -- Paul was this mythic figure Penn State is this amazing community. In a way hopefully. This can shed more light on how how horrible hole. If you will had to make an example. -- and game as you and I discussed earlier you know. I've seen here. It. Ortiz have been criminal charges levied against other university officials. And they'll probably be more to come but I guarantee that that the NC two game. -- -- To make things. Hey I guess pilot do need to leave a message to players who who. But they're all they're picked their way obviously with their children what their Walden is that you groups of cooks forced into whatever. But it is true just what kind of advice would you give them to -- you wrote what's -- is what kind of people that coached him. When you need to talk to your kids I mean Hughes and on. Who NBC news profiled years ago before he is. Apparently wonderful work with at risk children this was on the news on the that we lose our -- program. So you know maybe you don't suspected that he got -- you can't if you if your kid is uses exhibiting on behavior which certainly they would after a -- yeah. You can't just let him go -- in the room you guys who -- what's going on there and you know and you do have to have that discussion especially when you talk about you know online Predators in. Those people are. You have to be careful not to come in contact with him and don't be embarrassed to come home. If there's an issue there. Will be a slightly technical stuff that draws a walk arbitration -- there. CSN Washington dot com.

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