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Redskins defense confident offense will improve-11/10



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Thu, 10 Nov 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Given their own issues the last thing you'd expect the Redskins to do would be to look past -- one point Dolphins team and believe me they arts. After watching plenty of game tape this -- this is no there is much more to Miami and then meets TI. If you look at the film watched the games for the Dolphins easily can be uniforms for team who played a lot of teams close in -- down at the wire. So we're not taking them as a one win team were taken as a good competitive football team. Solid there for a team blitzes. Cecil Williams won't know we -- in good hands full and we know who's gonna prepare I'm gonna go around there the Sunday and we'll do whatever it takes. Wish they didn't get the -- did a little bit more frustrated when you've really got to win it -- it's been pretty good about themselves legacy. Everything is decent like he was worth. On the contrary not much has worked for Washington during their losing skid and -- the promise of a 31 start as long faded. The players say it's still not too late to turn things around. Teams are bad right now where you know you take you know the positive you take to bed and then you fix things than me. You know we don't you played is still -- -- mope -- -- -- know get paid to fix. Energy and smeared around here is not a negative. Everyone's more positive -- folks know what we can do to be to be even a better team. Help us turn this around we're nowhere you know and detained him move when and you know. Most these gains in law. And we know we we haven't played our best football we were right in that incident and so we just good I've been missing a great games together and will be. The -- tough to come by these days turning on each other could be easy especially with the offense not holding up its end of the deal. But the defense refuses to point fingers. You just got to pick -- try to pick him up you know no we see the -- these guys. Like I said Middleton training camp and even in prices when we get that big one against -- on his mandate. They battled us tooth and nail and you know we just wouldn't take this same kind of energy and enthusiasm by the on the film Sunday. Can't worry about what. The offense is doing what to special teams are doing came in he can't because defense here or did the thing you -- -- about as what you can do to stop them. If something happens bad. Turned into good. That's a -- mountainous on Tim -- There's some -- Google's does stupid Compton has bigger. More in the Talbot were there you go out there and seeing -- source you -- -- their better man -- a little dubious it is. It -- Kelly Johnson and Comcast sports net. CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.