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Thu, 10 Nov 2011|

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CSN Washington dot com. It's like it's like embarrassing you know winner on the ice and guys should be coming tonight can be when -- forum. Just. Playing my age bunch of losers like that's you lose -- -- tell -- loser and I really. You know it almost -- -- played pretty bad thoughts but that's what he's saying to us and we're losers against him you played. More like that's that's that's what that that's what yours. Well Mike Knuble is comments certainly got the Twitter world abuzz yesterday -- Allen joined by JP has always from jeepers drink and today. Our in house may animal mister Hamlin match I appreciate that. I'm being -- thanks. Buddies -- means I'll have to -- appreciated that a lot. Not. Campbell's comments as a former player -- think he was out of line go into the media and -- things where do you think he was perfectly justified. Team played Atlantic questioners at. -- has -- presidential speechwriter I think what he did was perfect and he's not he did you don't have to be eloquent in a situation like that but the fact that it. The other players in the room read. The blogs that are out there they read every newspaper article they say don't off Twitter feeds. And he said it -- They had the deal that with the media the next thing and that was the point of it is the -- sometimes that's how you point people out and I think it was needed and it was necessary and you have to get back to basics at all times. And I was kind of his way of getting his teammates on notice as one of the older guys. And you know Bruce does -- in the media as well and they also due -- the room but it really puts more pressure on the players to come together. Not a lot of players had a problem with what Knuble said yesterday talking to them in practice. Do you think this is something that is gonna resonate throughout the locker. I think it doesn't mean here's Mike Knuble who's been in the league forever. I have the respect of everyone in that room it's not somebody's just coasting along calling out his teammates. For their play he's a guy who's working hard even -- dropped out and fourth lines he has been. Which can't. Feel great for guys with this -- -- everything but he. You know he he's in a position where he can caught his teammates and you're speaking from raw emotion. I think it absolutely residents. Yesterday at practice I'm Bruce Boudreau put his players throughout Penske Allen. A couple of the players downplayed that there wasn't horse thing they've ever been through you -- there you sides what did you think how. Active parties well actually there -- this wasn't just the punishment skate this who's getting the guys legs back and getting them ready for New Jersey because after every skating -- he had a battle drove. And the play in New Jersey Devils you have to so there were who wasn't just punishment there's coaching involved here he want them to compete harder for parks get their legs back. And that's one of the things I learned -- beat in my first training camp person and told me. That if you're not playing you have to look to your legs. And that means and then also -- if your legs are going -- in the press box here on the bench. You're not gonna get ice time so he got the players' legs back you put them on notice Knuble put them on notice the night before saying what he said so I think it was perfect and a lot of coaches don't know how to use it properly. And frankly working on those drills. While the guys are worn down a little bit. Can only help but -- really struggled in the third period you know. There's a huge emphasis in the pre season placed on conditioning and that type of thing but what we've seen from this team is a team that. Doesn't have a winning record when they enter the third period tied I think -- 23 and one. 60 whatever seven room. When leading after two but when the game's been -- going to the third they've struggled a bit and I think that. You know working guy and battling when they're tired and I might be able to help is there appears struggles. Particularly each week we go back to this theme this year about accountability. And every time this has been to my attention that every time he has been product out on other players in the locker room -- asked about it. Ovechkin and seven to name are coming up a lot. From everybody else. Now given night we saw that sentiment was sat after two really agree just penalties. Do you think that he is that Bruce Boudreau is applying the same accountability that we've seen. You're out of course Ovechkin list. -- miss some time during a crucial game and you point a couple weeks ago our last week do you think that this is being fairly applied or. Well it most definitely -- and you have to -- star wears different than your fourth liners and that's. The way every coach Little League runs it and when you sit a player at a top level player you're gonna get fired it happened. -- New Jersey they want to work callable trip John McClain did. And he was gone he lost respect of the team you have to have your best players on the ice. Andy a couple of shifts there he's on notice Alexander Simon has to -- change some parts of his game but it's treating everyone fairly in the reason the players are bringing those names up. Is that those are the top players on the team any is applying pressure to them so everyone like step but they also realize that with them company -- penalties. On a fourth line third line they're probably going to be in the press box. And I know that Bruce said that he sat out Simon down in that game it. Era who we rants on and on site today that showed that wasn't necessarily accurate and -- he didn't miss a single. Shifted even strength that kodi can Marcus Johansson -- skated. And he skated to the long power play shifts after that so you know whether or not. That accountability was applied exactly who Clippers sort of implies that it was I think is up to debate but then again how you treat. Alexander is. Also. System. Debate I mean he's not a guy that seems to take. To respond well to the stick he doesn't necessarily respond well to terrorists so. You know who knows what buttons to press to get that guy playing like he needs to play. Goaltending let's get into the crease a little bit both goaltenders we're -- we signed -- twice in the last three games. And then of course focus and I'm over the last two games life -- goals scored against the capitals -- Who do you start. Come this weekend. It's a hard question I mean. You've got two games back to back against the Devils here probably split them. You know. Never actually has exceptional numbers against the Devils careers for now. Is only given up one goal game in those four games 976%. So you know attempting to throw him back out there Friday night. But at the same time I think that you need to go back to book and easier guy you need to show him he's the guy who is. Frankly brutal against the Islanders and I think -- giving -- -- -- in New Jersey might be the Waco. And. Well right now I'd go folk Kuhn -- put Harvard and are -- -- governor for both games right now and I I don't like to see older goaltenders play both games back to back. And I prefer to see one or the other doesn't really matter as long as they -- tomorrow it may be nor ever gets the nod Friday and invoke on Saturday and that's why coaches get all the big money is because these are the hardest this isn't -- make -- have two quality goaltenders. Now having Alan may -- here is our in house an animal and someone who's. Kind of an expert on -- the captains and a lot in -- offseason to bring in Morse and papers and people liked it when. Are you comfortable with the level. Of grit and grinding that you've seen or do you think there could be a little bit more. It's going to be a worker progress just not gonna happen overnight I think the players were brought in are doing their -- right now. And the defense with Mike Green known -- playing in different game but I thought he before he went out he was playing a much -- game -- stripping players of the parks they weren't able to get to the net. And the -- to me or that Mike greens over in on the spending too much time in the defensive zone the record is -- boring out to a fourth -- lineup he gets back in the they're gonna serve winning every night. The caps are twenty ninth in the league and just three fighting majors JP now. They had D. J. -- appear we thought Alford serving one purpose one purpose only but they just sent him back down her she released him. Do you think this is an issue for the team is -- something they're going to be addressing that they need to bring Allen back. I think they can always use Alleman back in the lineup but I don't think that team toughness is necessarily an issue right now I know they've got guys. Matt Hendricks John Erskine who can handle themselves and got other gritty are guys like Troy Broward just generic. You know it shouldn't be an issue and I haven't seen. Too many other teams taking liberties with their players and maybe do little. -- around the goalies more so than I would like you know which honors compact and hopefully that. Changes a little bit but you know. I don't believe that there's a role in the NHL for much longer for guys like D. J. -- unfortunately for him and his ilk. So I don't think that it's something that the -- Ausmus. Harris on that isn't something New Yorkers -- I actually grew thin that and the reason so is that in Carolina this past Friday Mike Knuble stick up for teammates the next night Long Island Alexander Ovechkin that is so everyone's coming together and to -- team toughness is when everyone joins forces. And it's really hard to have a designated fighter right now a guy that really is not gonna play that many minutes and I can't think of one team that is using 13 that effectively you have to be able to skate and contribute. And I prefer data can drop the gloves on the second or third line and the other night you really don't have to respond to that if someone goes off your better players you need to go after their better players and it's just. It's part of the game play physical hit you don't necessarily have to drop your -- this kind of going by the wayside and and it really doesn't bother me that it is and I'm you know when my period when I played it was part of the game but it it's but the coach is being veteran players. Being better in all four lines it -- the game really doesn't lend itself to it anymore. Now we're one month into the season and I want to get you as his opinion. I'm on things right now where the holes in this roster did they need to address anything right now and if so what. You know it's. Obviously a lot of teams with a lot more holes and Washington Capitals have. But you know you wonder whether Marcus Johansson can withstand the season as a second line center and going to the playoffs. In that role. The defense of -- should be good at Mike greens gets healthy maybe. Stage one had another NHL caliber defenseman somewhere down the line but personally. I wouldn't mind seeing him had. Top six right wing with some -- you know. I've always -- guys like Brenden Morrow or Sheen do owners you and your room and with a kind of and game that they can bring in -- Troy Brower is sort of maybe a poor man's version of that type of player but I think that if you got one more top six. Greedy right wing I think that that would really help this team. I'm pretty much with you on this I wouldn't do anything right now but later in the season if you if you're worried about Marcus Johansson in the second -- he can always -- mirror on the third -- Dynamic together Brooks like to go up to that slot. It's just a matter of mixing and match in the top two lines. But in the end if there is an opportunity get a Daniel Alfredsson or. Or -- again like take the chance to play them with a Ovechkin because they're they're better players and they have really good hands and can think the game asking Troy Brown or to do that sometimes. There's way too much as he's not a player this fancy with the park. He's not gonna finish on a lot of his opportunities. And those players -- proven track workers that they could and they'd be excited. Motivated to play a month maybe more a month to the end of the season and two months into the playoffs I think you get a lot of players like that but at NASA doesn't necessarily have to be done. As long as Mike greens back in the lineup they get back to how there playing if they stick to their system their they're tough team to be. It will we'll get to do our fans segment this week we'll go through our top players of the week we -- stare at me because these are always first. And go through and we went last week and that would be Nicklas Baxter I'm in five points in three games he's leading the team and in points. I had some beautiful set ups including one for Alexander's and the other night took congrats Nicklaus. I'm there for me am -- go with Carl here I mean he's been an absolute rock all season long on the Blue Line. Prior is only defenseman and this past week to. Wasn't hot mess at times on the ice. So across there it gets mine -- ourselves not for nothing. But it sort of laughed yesterday bag skate and said is nothing compared to what he had to go through juniors so. He has my putter. On that you know we had a little real disagreement over what can -- and actually Allen so kindly cleared it up for me I was right JP. He challenged me earlier. Anyway politically correct version and it's exactly what all listeners and yesterday about skating his bags off and that's like. That is not a park effect. On the comes from my generation I think that's not for hockey moms who I would definitely not I can't with the senators -- -- But we can keep saying it. Alan your player of the week. Wasn't the greatest week I'm gonna go kodi can he he didn't hurt himself thought he looked great in Carolina. It's limited minutes in and I really respect everything that he's and so far he looks like he can be a player. Well our top -- this week also agree with you Cody peak and from dean is belies dial I'm not sure -- -- and nine. Coney peak and looked great took the night off like a man. Rocks the red naturally with that hair congrats to you and will be in -- suit up. I think you all enjoyed having Alan man on with us this week and we would like to thank you very much for joining us for Allen for JP Kelly talent. Thanks for joining us and we'll see you next week on capitals went box. CSN Washington dot com.

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