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Capitals-Devils full game highlights-11/12



  1. Zach Parise1:12
  2. Devils0:08, 0:54, 1:31
  3. Jersey0:10, 0:51, 1:30
  4. Detroit0:11
  5. Washington0:00, 1:50
  6. Iraq1:07
  7. federal systems1:38
Sat, 12 Nov 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com let's take a look at the -- to this one is again the caps start out. Very nicely in Chinese sweep of the Devils after a win last night in New Jersey Detroit where our with the big. Pick up skates in nice -- second goal and tuna or personal writers were game's great worker -- -- fortunate to keep an effect on the ice. The best we should never go back cross ice pass a lot of patience looked like his junior days and with John. Beautiful golf. Detonated one nothing as he finished it off beating them moves on Hedberg and me and Jason should merit -- his second goal tonight just. -- in front again very and I think after the actually forgot how to do that but he did a great job of boxing to the front of the net as part of the good. Think the goal we hit him in the Shin -- not pretty but account. And the defensemen just get a popular pick up all the matter. Thought it was originally John -- go -- New Jersey it would be happy to score against his favorite team growing up the Devils come back the second -- fourth. -- actually -- up -- block them face to operate their. No doubt about it on the court shot. And then not long after that's another goal here Ryan part of poor -- Iraq for the redirect because of a lot of -- covered in the middle there then we go to the shoot out Zach Parise a couple of different move. And then out to that casts on the tonight that no one expected that shot the everyone effect on the side to side of push for the right there. I was the only conversion and -- it's important for the wind in the fourth round. Beating new greens and the New Jersey Devils go on to win this 13 to two. A bit of a surprising -- game summary presented by she need a federal systems we'll get that. Fifteen saves for Hedberg seventeen saves in order to sell out factor in this game not -- all three with you that there are a lot of hits but other than that nothing. CSN Washington dot com.

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