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Behind the wheel with Donnie Neuenberger: What's wrong with Kyle Busch?-11/12



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  3. Tony Stewart1:48
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Sat, 12 Nov 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. While I'm really glad you're here because I have been waiting to. What happened at Texas past week what in the world is wrong with countless. In the winner. He's into it's. That I mean. Yeah potentially wrecks and caution you think he's the first guy like that ever wrecked somebody under that caution or on purpose did you watch -- the week before. Reckoning each other after the race and nobody got any trouble -- your take a guy at a cheap and ship contention on. He was not going to win the team this year he was keeping close but he angled away and it. But you know house that -- being advocate here but I'll first of all let's just say. He deserved everything he got okay to wreck somebody that passed on purpose at Texas Motor Speedway is very dangerous but. What makes me crazy is that is if he had it took the caution come back around and they take in the Green. And he -- that have been okay so how does that work. That's what makes people crazy is that consistency through the organization of NASCAR isn't always the same. And you -- from the very interest in which is NASCAR secretly loved it. Are you kidding me the -- you -- all that sponsor me I promise I won't do that now. He got he got more exposure in three days three days Kyle Busch countless countless amateur and imminent imminent. Every second of the day there's teams all year long that don't get that much exposure combine the whole year. You know or gets in an instant exposure right now -- European -- that -- -- -- actually like on a putt putt putt putt at the other last week and Tony Stewart continues to race so well. Sometimes winning is about getting hot at the right -- he's not for. Race wins in the chase we talked about it how funny is that you know I like man we're just taking up space in the chase. You know here's the deal Tony was in the chase all year all -- winning any races was totally consistent. And Bo would they got on a roll and he is skated down. And the main thing is is if he wins a championship and now does come down to him and Carl Edwards if he doesn't win. That will be another -- championship -- three points behind Carl Edwards at this point. Who to Phoenix this next weekend now this is -- track it has been repainted reconfigured since the spring so this is really the first race at its new track does that affect you as a driver. Well they got the tire tests so. All the teams got that shake -- down get a feel for the new track but it's exciting because you have so much unknown. It really is like going to a new track for the first time so here's where the crew Chiefs the teams. Really get to shine the guys get it right in really do their homework and make it work are gonna be the guys that win. And nobody's better than both those teams we're talking about countless earlier you -- drivers are crazy so great I've been called worse. And got my putting them back. CSN Washington dot com.

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