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Redskins Kickoff: Midseason Report Cards - 11/13



  1. Brandon Banks2:01
  2. Greg Oden1:55
  3. Dallas1:33
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  5. red zone1:26
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Sun, 13 Nov 2011|


CSN Washington dot com. Report cards and with a low report card time I think here mid season for the -- to risk injury eight games in. We've got to restart with them. That's our front moves are often hear hear the report cards for gentlemen here -- will leave the -- comment torso -- but. -- in these -- CCC minus public that yes he's the reason I give the -- The probably the rest is about to leave a couple plays on the table plays that -- been made but for whatever mental reason not physical. Mental reason they didn't hit the correct receiver the receiver was hit but he dropped. The ball but up until one of -- the wrong guy and this -- -- -- gave them reduced five take interest to see how the two defenders. Now. Grade the defense for the Washington Redskins as we take a gander. This from the CIN. 10 okay -- C plus and a B minus. He reminds -- as much. Because I feel like they do a great job with with the injuries you know me in the rough like we talk about the run you still haven't got on the same page that we get we got people hurt here heard there. I think for what they doing. They end amount of plays they're playing in the games I think they're doing a great job and you say. You're saying ever address them because they average I think that plays that they allowed teams to move the ball up and down the field on them and but they're really good red zone. But I'm still disappointed in the risque is that when you need that third down play you wouldn't someone make a play Dallas game for example -- Third and high of a longer and you give up a third detonated it crushes you knew her she we just. I need those guys Emeka interception a spark or stripped fumble sack and need that play the commodities and haven't seen yet -- special teams what kind of grade do they get here from the Burgundy and gold enough. They -- And this means not special not special not Greg Oden pretty good. But beat us those -- beat I think I'm weighing more towards the fact that Brandon Banks committed this season with such high expectations and really hasn't done much that entire unit but dubs beef from springs. Well -- look at department upon us personally your thoughts -- I thought was that rock ever tell you what I -- -- -- is a reason why they -- for -- ranked thirteenth he's number one and only four punts inside the twenty yard line so they're Ford offers some teams office opponent. Has long -- -- that's what the physical plant matter. But it's a part. I -- say this attained since. Not. It up seeing what about the return game there is a -- that -- test that yet they have covered kicks well who have -- going to happen. They had some really that closely that it could have got that covered kicks well they're punting and kicking game and let -- get. Looking good the return game has suffered a little bit. I would think these through spring show on a vote you're used I. Coaching staff and okay. Mean in. That's true given the d.s. It's easy to look good as a coach is that when you've got good players yet this team doesn't have enough good players it's hard for the coaches who have good that they have a look at. -- I had to hack rate -- sailboat that I looked of this -- and in the -- Grossman was still in the -- bay coach -- -- dropped down to -- DC SN Washington dot com.