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Barnes: "We were average at best"-11/13



  1. Brandon Marshall1:38
  2. Ryan Perry0:37
  3. de Young Museum0:21
  4. Quebec city0:56
  5. Dolphins1:11
  6. Washington0:00, 2:57
  7. yardage situation0:41
  8. flag pin0:53
  9. block party0:30
Sun, 13 Nov 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

Z -- in Washington dot com -- Kevin. Defense -- you guys talked about we need to do more media stuff but we didn't make more plays. You did that I know I know that last bush touchdown or something you guys are going to be thinking about. But you just -- to step to the plate on this how frustrating is this to not have that offensive. Effort as well. I was not leading off with the de Young Museum we win the best teams in third down in the league as far as defense and today. Whoever it's so good in it today and we're really block party than me really -- when he plays good. Love the simple this is. Honestly does wanna get the turnovers Ryan Perry and forced two fumbles you had the interception. Put him in that short yardage situation on the five yard line and did take me through that plan which is not. Home -- zone this -- -- -- on the field where. Okay nickel and so that's right of the flag pin and Guzman will be behind me you know due to Quebec city to city. -- -- And -- like you might get Indians on I think you guys are thinking we we did with the -- of the -- you. Yeah I mean that's been a goal you know for the most of the season no we don't think Stewart did on defense set first game CS you know -- that we know how Dolphins on a lot of I think -- end zone and they couldn't -- Five straight losses how tough is this right now what's gone in the locker room and boom they're. That's the together for me to Sami -- -- the losses. You know won't be another you know really. Matter because you know pick in the the next game but I mean. Did get together filled room right now I mean you can't really imagine losing five. Definitely gonna get the bad things -- not meeting. Brandon Marshall how tough is he really to defend. If they move them around they use in different situations. I mean that's the biggest spartans got no reason to feel -- mean. He's not as hard guarded some of the smaller got a new group play consistent speed. But to me he's like a -- software that we don't have gone you can box well something that's this week. And I know we got to come back and studio unfortunately I can't really talk to you could you don't have the movie. Woodson is brains and eyes he was weren't wanting to instill got the ball. I mean I think -- can relay. Yeah. Got to tell they have a great job that we need him put -- in the in the end zone makes bad. -- good team needs him the school. Of course business again put -- in the next I'm very yeah do you have do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Surgery yet -- got to -- got and I got Larry thank us amusement. You can't tell us. I hey hey hey hey hey hey hey you gotta make it known what -- I expect it to be smooth job lawsuit could be me. They -- and driving and you can be smooth. And yeah. CSN Washington dot com.

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