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  3. bill Ford3:06
  4. NASCAR0:04
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  8. Cup champion2:53
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Wed, 16 Nov 2011|


CSN Washington dot com. Well Bonnie this is exactly what NASCAR once yeah one race to guys Carl Edwards Tony Stewart vying for the title so exciting stuff. It is you can get a better you have a previous champion in a wanna be keeping two heavyweights going at it doesn't get any better than that so when you talk about a previous champion in Tony Stewart how much of an advantage is that because he's been here before. Well he can help this crew chief. Go through the motions that they need to go through to make. Good calls during the race. Good call setting up the car a good calls maintaining composure. Whereas when you're new at this and you've never been down that road before you don't know what his. Expect -- not sure what to do so it ought to make it for an awful pretty pretty neat weekend. And you Tony Stewart we talk about this before but he's pretty cool the entire time. You can tell he is the pressure is definitely not on him you don't get a nickname smoke. For not being -- Yeah well that's -- Now that Carl Edwards that nicknamed him -- so you know it would be pretty exciting for him to win the JB maybe can do a double. Double back flip off the car I don't know a we focus on these drivers and you touched on the crew Chiefs as well. They're really going to be under a lot of strain this weekend to make sure that make the right calls yeah I think on the TV said he'll see those guys go to the crew Chiefs more than you normally do because it definitely is the pressure on those guys not only do they have the -- the crew achieve as a car -- that goes over that car. I'll bet both these crew Chiefs go over this car themselves you know sleep by it. With a blanket make or nobody catches it. But the key is for these guys not to do anything different than they do on a normal weekend because that's where you get in trouble I've seen it in years past. Where guys try to do too much but the key is is not change a whole lot do those things. The pressure on the crew chief is making calls during the race the last week. Kasey -- wins the race he wins it because this crew chief. Makes an early pit stop called him in early which put him three seconds ahead of Carl Edwards to win that thing. Going to homestead Miami to finish this up how will that track in particular. Affect the outcome what the deal is as they both run pretty good there it's a -- that it's nothing new they've been there bunch of times. Com it ought to be good weather may be a little warm but it's an ought to be a great weekend to race it's a faster racetracks then they weren't -- Phoenix last week. It ought to be exciting. When you look at this chase as a whole how it's played out. How is it compared to the chase is we've seen in years past well. Again -- I think it's it's as close as it's ever been. It's it's. Awful awful tight anything could happen neither one I'm can afford to have any problems stern -- race but what makes is so exciting is you have a superstar and Carl Edwards. And have a superstar. In Tony Stewart going at it in the winner. Will be. -- -- -- -- We've got a great Sprint Cup champion off it. I'm gonna keep this tired he's the guy I did I he's got to be hit by the you know it's time for bought it this is for our producer -- a guy he's afford guy he is the -- it is -- bill Ford Chevy so he's we know the Ford guys. -- back gate city known for flipper. Final week we got stuck preference then that too big Donnie doing burger it's been a drills always always thank you -- CSN Washington dot com.

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