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Chick Hernandez reports on the Redskins prepping for Dallas- 11/17



  1. Stephen Bowen1:42
  2. Tony Romo0:39
  3. DeMarco Murray0:48
  4. New England1:19
  5. Tashard Choice1:41
  6. Buffalo0:39, 1:16
  7. Bailey0:11
  8. football team1:39
  9. field goals0:12
Thu, 17 Nov 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Yeah. Again -- hard to remember the last time they faced Dallas week three Dan Bailey six field goals including the game plan to near the end. At the skins had control for most of the. Different so we lets one slip away social some real win for us -- supposed to be formed a bonus -- about. Him. But things can be or from the come -- -- play and a house. You know division the sudden museum form. The problem is dallas' offense won't make it easy for the skins beat. In their win last week over Buffalo Tony Romo threw 26 times -- only three in completions. Which also matched the number of touchdowns he tossed four. Why because rookie running back DeMarco Murray threw his 100 -- so far this year is averaging six point seven yards per. Mean as soon as though everybody last you know coming in you know in college and I he's a great days. You run a ball hard and any time you he had got a good running game you got a great -- The way he's running the ball it makes animals are -- reason he's not there's not a lot of personal. Doesn't have to make a lot of plays in there. All of the very balanced right now -- due to Buffalo and stupid do is using these New England that game I mean he's because of the all exist -- Go to the pressure on the defense as it has been for most of the season. Our defense tomorrow. We need to pick it up to match their their standard of play and we do that. If we can get that done you know we've got a good football team and maybe guys like Tashard Choice and Stephen Bowen play against their old squad. Can provide a spark Tony do you standing zone when you pick him up off the turf. -- he's beaten. Program as for how. The evening also after the game if they win their can be two parties is he Tashard -- the running back waived by the cowboys' October 20 ninth we celebrating his birthday. Everest -- checkered at this Comcast sports net. CSN Washington dot com.

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