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Who to blame? Peter King points the finger around the NFL-11/19



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Fri, 18 Nov 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. I would Morton as a round -- please be joined by NBC NFL insider Peter King Peter we're pointing fingers at people today were playing the blame game number one. Since last week the Ravens suffered their second post Steelers hang -- of the season losing to Seattle if you are Ravens fan who you blaming. I'm blaming my special teams because your special teams lost that game. Two fumbles on kick outs leading to two field goals. The Seattle Seahawks -- supposed to have the kicker with the best leg in the NFL. -- short on a fifty yard kick. Short of a fifty yard field goal. Billy Cundiff had to do better than that. However. I would like to give the ball to Ray Rice more than came Cameron did last week Dave Manson that Peter King all right number two last night. The Jets fell victim to that seemed -- show. Also pivotal game if you are a Jets fan. Could you blame I would simply blame Mark Sanchez because. The quarterback -- -- -- open receivers and at some point he's got to execute the plays that are there to be made. After 31 start the Redskins are struggling they dropped five in a row Peter who's to blame. You know I would star who is the two quarterbacks. If you don't have a good quarterback recording no matter what kind of plays you call. They're not -- result in in huge offensive numbers. CSN Washington dot com.

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