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CSN Washington dot com. Geico sports net central -- today. Everybody Greg told with your Geico sports net central update. There's now a huge window of opportunity for the Hokies by beating North Carolina Thursday night Virginia Tech is in position. To win the ACC's coastal division again if Florida State beats Virginia on Saturday though Hokies grabbed the crown of the whose pull off the upset. Then tech in -- VA will play for the division title a week from Saturday. Speaking of those Cavaliers what a turnaround they have made winning three straight. And five of their last six. Head coach Mike London has done an incredible job with this team but the players deserve a lot of credit to. They're doing what ever it takes to win games. I really have taken a conscious effort to. Watch. Film and just. Diagnosed. When I can make throws and were a kid when their two -- holes and assists and kind of being comfortable and going out there confident beach boys and trusting your years ago. Get open but you can tell they're very well coached football team a year ago and it just a matter I can't say that that the magical thing in this business is confidence and when does -- come in your program in. Have you have a couple successful field all the sudden it happens and kids start playing better better talent comes out better and better you play more consistently. Nothing gets what he's got going. Unfortunately for the Maryland Terrapins -- in the midst of a six game losing streak and won't have a shot at playing in a bowl game. The terps will have a chance of stopping the five and five Wake Forest Demon Deacons. From receiving the bowl invitation. It's a game you can see right here on Comcast sports net at 3 o'clock. And Randy Edsall says his team is motivated. It's about pride its about being physical it's about. Haven't passionate about playing with enthusiasm you know we got a chance to. You know knock them out of a bowl game and to make them have to win next weekend so. Again it's about pride it's about us get better it's about us the one out and work and to get a win in an improvement as a team. And that'll do it from here from the Comcast sports net studios on Greg stolen for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.



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