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Football Friday: Lake Braddock vs Centreville - 11/18



  1. Tanner1:32
  2. Quigley1:39
  3. Virginia Tech1:27
  4. Washington0:00, 2:20
  5. hard fought game2:14
  6. pass interference2:03
  7. round playoff0:15
  8. nice job1:18
Sat, 19 Nov 2011|


She -- in Washington dot com. This one the other end of the of the bracket in northern region division six it's Saturday and the like -- federal we know. All about the wildcats it's not -- back forty Q in nineteen in their opening round playoff action now late erratic. Make it in his sixty had to go to the -- oh. And boarded a shock some people don't think they'd beat the crew and handle. Fifteen to 21 -- attic of the team -- -- -- -- we thought we lost two or three. But were able to really really get things going towards late September and they have been on -- -- ever since could be equally huge upset though. Against federal that was the big question tonight. Let's got the home of the wildcats. Would now on top in this one as the other half. All of the bracket. In division six northern region one more shot. Now for the region bomb while cats up fourteen to seven. Half partly third quarter many DNA. -- out for mideast met this young man -- get -- am glad it is picks up. A big first down moving the chains for the defense. That's what the story of at least this quarter was all about the Bruins. Stops for a short game Tyler quickly he'll scramble here for like erratic. Does a nice job to keep the play alive for a little but eventually. Can you get them. Right there with the -- Big time recruits in this area Virginia Tech it's got an eye on him being brokered by butt off to quickly long -- your brother Tanner. The badgers now not -- out in the sand lot out back but it didn't complete. Just out of bounds right there Quigley is -- Fines Justin. For first out so late -- starts to move the chains on this vaunted -- defense fourth down relate Brad. -- Look at look at avoids the rush -- awesome being at war with -- bomb but he doesn't Bynum. Does however find a black defense -- pass interference so that keeps the drive alive it sets up nick Wheeler. For the field goal it's. And it's good. But it's -- and advances in a very hard fought game 2118. Is the final. She -- Washington dot com.