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See -- -- Washington dot com. Heather folks welcome back into football Friday Sebastian cells -- with a special guests here today are Kristen K from foxsports.com. Recruiting reporter glad to have you here. And we figured as we wrap up the 2011 season you know -- off Friday what better way to go over some of the best recruits in the area with somebody who. I haven't -- insight into where they're gonna end up. Dot com next year so let's jump right into it. Let's start with that -- can. Out of us -- Billy bigtime defensive playmaker guys that a lot of our highlights -- this -- on the concorde district a little bit about what you know about his. -- -- in the last year been here one guy I went out on the field. I think it is Corey -- during his character. That kid grown up with his life he's in Nigeria currently but this has all the physical attributes you want it depends. Or slash line. And he's export 240. Pound. -- -- On your -- -- top five. -- -- -- Yet you're in an eight. As well as hit an organ but. Really come out in school Virginia Tech needing hurting me -- birthday December 3 and. Looks like -- bud Foster recruiting him out of Virginia -- you know they've got some big plans -- packers' roster. Involved in that young -- it's a pretty all right lets us -- over the offensive side of the ball playmaker. -- young man who we got to see only once it was very early in the year but a kid with some pretty big names coming out from that Cyrus Jones. -- Gilman school up in Baltimore. Boy what can you say about this -- just a playmaker with the ball on. I don't even know where to Begin his guys as versatile as they come he can play everywhere and watching him play actually about four times this year I like watching him and step on -- both of them. Top wide receiver prospect insiders and he's the number five wide receiver in the country on scout dot com. This guy is absolutely amazing he can go anywhere he wants to go you heard Al West Virginia a little bit creeping in there because of his father's -- But it's going to be Alabama and nearly took that official visit he couldn't stop talking denied it was added that number one choice. Auburn he's still gonna go to that go to that higher level but really I think his heart's at Alabama and that's when you see him come letter of intent signed. -- -- a big signing for the Crimson -- especially considering that they get it over Auburn there's -- rivalry in college sports -- -- now what exactly exactly let's stay on the offensive side of the ball but at taking a step back -- a year back to the class of 2013 -- -- -- kid who has been all over our highlights on the offensive side of ball for the Damascus -- Hornets. A a big physical wide receiver with. What I would say probably the best set of hands in Montgomery County. Absolutely you know I actually this is one guy can't wait to see clan that I'm is the latest Friday playoffs. I've had a chance to talk to his father he basically eight scholarship offers mostly from the ACC. I really think Maryland seem pretty high on his list he's been here at Maryland four times this season so that's got to see something right. As well and that -- SEC school in the mix South Carolina that to me SEC offer his dad said that if they'd lose playing not this Friday what you don't hope for. But if they do they'll be going to you that South Carolina clinching games of the first I think he's gonna try again to see on -- here. Now be one heck of a trip that's another great south southeast -- Loria certainly when you talk about college football robbers. You got your Iron Bowl and then you got it South Carolina Clemson two schools that don't like each other at all on if your Corey can't miss those schools right that's a type a trip tickets allocated out for sure all right -- You can't talk recruiting and you know this -- -- anybody else. Without talking about our lady of good counsel coach Bob Boyd has an amazing program got over their loaded with talent. Let's start with one of their top top high and recruits how Wes Brown a kid who. If anything has too many choices you know you look at the list of schools that have offered over thirty. And you know there's no sign without this my -- These guys credit in the area a lot hearing yes good -- certainly. Crop. -- gotten it at Miami was always the and of course off field issues out. On his list. And I'm in the next leader of course. So he's actually in which is shocking. More off the -- an option -- of his caliber. He's at a school. In high academic standard you have. Other schools that are close I like Virginia Tech. Maryland can creep in where. -- Michigan Michigan. Mention. Late run when you notice that there ever and yet the blow -- -- -- -- huge line opened a pipeline. On the college -- area. That their program our laps on. Everybody wants to know every I don't know a break here -- a pretty good the best we can step on. You have. Number one in your program number one in your heart and number one a lot of recruiting rankings as well this -- Just does everything well could probably play any position you wanted and I think the odds Utley got finally get the ball on -- just can't imagine him. Being a defensive player is not such a good playmaker -- Like probably this guy is all over the board when it comes to recruiting he's really not giving in and we're trying to get it out of him he does say now is that we know we know now. -- he likes he and I came here. So I wouldn't rule out and it's crazy urging Virginia you're. Last week -- my mom coming gains so I Wear this is going to be really really along recruiting process for him. Nothing's gonna come out any time you ask them -- your -- on top five at. Technical. Well in Oklahoma. Jumped and it -- there he did tell me there is not -- While Oklahoma making late -- that it goes to show you that with a kid like step on days it doesn't matter how far away those phone calls have to come from. They'll come they'll find out like that I Chris and Kenny thank you very much for joining us we can check out your work get tough foxsports.com. And also by -- Twitter at Crist uncanny -- for those either -- not just a high school sports in high school football on the DNB but the recruiting scene closely she's as good as it gets. For finding out where these kids are gonna go. As soon as you -- as soon as you can possibly now are coming up next couple off Friday it's our shooters roundtable. We are welcome in our shooters around the field and help break down to -- some game balls from all the action here tonight as we put a red and on the 2011 football season -- football for a csnwashington.com.



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