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The Redskins Postgame Live crew wraps up the loss to the Cowboys-11/20



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  2. Fred Davis0:27
  3. Cowboys0:07, 1:18
  4. Washington0:00
  5. Rat race1:09
  6. road rage1:19
Sun, 20 Nov 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. But thank you very much Redskins -- loser in overtime to goes Dallas Cowboys but there's a silver lining not a super blue line but a silver lining. Positive you took from today's start you start. -- -- Even wouldn't be -- offensive line they were able to move the ball they were aggressive the receivers may play that's all we -- for somebody step up and make a play down the field. Jabar Gaffney did it Stallworth showed up. Fred Davis always been there I'm excited. In it for me up at the forgotten -- specialties fifteenth at the random makes sense of the term for the team recruit. People have been wondering where he was actually sort of -- would agree was shown as well about about offense. It is that a big jumbled parts they seem to be sort of -- rookie cohesive whole for the first time in a month and a half that's one of the reasons they move the ball so well. They've got to continue that trajectory. And by the way we did -- Palestinian got a changeup the -- today. Announcers have a -- because they want they -- this league have very good because of what -- if you run the same thing over and over. It will stop when it -- with little things that you could have -- Rat race he would walk -- you gonna -- if Trevor speed he -- there. There is no but he breakthrough when and and influence -- it normally after the Cowboys lost a lot of road rage on Monday. It took -- them tomorrow. Relaxed ticket. Richard fellow workers. About your business the Redskins at the bit against you know the next week. But do you csnwashington.com.

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