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Ivan Carter goes 1-on-1 with D.C. United goalie Bill Hamid -11/21



CSN Washington dot com. I feel -- and -- -- -- -- wrapped up the season didn't go MLS wraps up yesterday's thoughts on the change game LA Galaxy get that done. -- and owners -- -- his response. And one when you when you see retain both -- like gruesome enough. And that and the openness and support staff to be -- and you know you see his experience from the game of soccer. You know that I would Garcia just. The -- from. Two additional wins so yes. They got it done and there's a five year deal for Beckham and on the web pick of the first and they're together they -- They were all that may be finished tied for last let the worst record in the league -- -- they win it you got a busy test is this season ended. You would already trained. Check out west palm over the in the heat of the PL fame and then with team USA in London. That's been a whirlwind for you a little bit nervous but tell -- what's been -- just -- about the experience get to see the world. You know channel -- there's -- is -- a special thing and you know we we have collusion on the paerson. Against. France and friends and in the style of defense which is a movement you and you know decide what they won the World Cup so. -- going there and being part of their experience and go overseas and training. And seeing what with the -- soccer's likens it was definitely. Especially from. Yeah I -- you I think guide he became the youngest guy a break and Tim -- mark for a win in the MLS so your track is kind of therefore you. A lot of Americans have had success over the practically goal keepers. That would that be a long term goal for two to go to Europe and you don't get that big contract. Long term -- for me you know is definitely it's. So so make it through slow and who soon enough. Expand my game to two notes this much potential selves and make it to make it into -- definition. -- -- I don't think I was with the Olympics coming up next year he got it -- the taste of life of the national team tell me about that. What's the next step is is you continuously gets ready for World Cup qualifying. Definitely just to have Tom Izzo. You you know who couldn't Alaska. You know getting on one -- when nothing lost so so France. And then home and then beating Slovenia. You can -- that you missed on tickets and there on the funds form. Home and we have a lot of faith right now does to the tune in tomorrow is perfect right now. In northern Gaza friends and we still keep in constant motion was doing okay. So from the -- -- -- you know we Americans -- a lot. It's be happy about looking forward to next year's qualifying the Olympics because you -- -- -- its social things that -- concludes couldn't get that thing going in DC united fans wanted to go. We can't -- the league's Ichiro back here now you won the MVP. -- Davies guy that would do we have this team back next year what your thoughts I hope you know remember do you road do a special where we don't know. You know Davies still use special talent that. You know there Gaza and you know you don't for wounded team. They work hard you know they wanna school goes I wanna do well for the club. For themselves so you know having guys that care. Is there anyone or something you want it seems so normal -- mentioned CSN Washington dot com.



  1. World Cup1:17, 2:10
  2. Gaza3:07
  3. Tom Izzo2:12
  4. Galaxy0:13
  5. Olympics2:02, 2:45
  6. constant motion2:35
  7. team USA0:53
  8. goal keepers1:40
  9. northern Gaza2:32
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