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Dallas rookie DeMarco Murray on London Fletcher laying him out and playing at FedEx--11/22



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Tue, 22 Nov 2011|

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CSN Washington dot com is. Bad -- about it it's. Part of a lot of special. Crossed because we'll. Commit the most -- they usually just isn't working goddamn hard anywhere else is you know -- did you know there are different come off the ball in a little trouble. -- come up or ability you know there's a lot of great does it. -- -- -- -- -- they're somehow I don't know. It is so we'll definitely going to happen is Tony I -- it Vernon. May have been those that huge party over religion he did an awesome job. You know we got to continue to get better in the running game. Tomorrow -- ignorant of Christmas during game against New York, New York to -- What's been your mentality that point. I'm just just keep pushing you know there's there's something -- yarder to don't get negative and -- you know. Because at 1050 or possibly just got to stay positive signals keep your composure. It is a person take me again where. Did you feel confident are you close up from one of them. Definitely there's a few Charles were all my deficit. All on me in my office audited Peter Dawson of the organizers. I was mentally -- got -- -- -- the reports I thought that was unbelievable yeah. You take them now where people were things that left the children are part of football. And he's. Long -- Toasted and these things a little bit. You're gonna play I don't want him in stadium. The first sounds when you know he got me he was out of bounds so you know next time maybe -- The guy I'm six feet and pretty. Think this rivalry. That. Boozer goes also met mr. Nolan -- mr. Roberts been part of it was -- just like in -- here for -- isn't huge huge robbery. Every game we played Chicago Cubs for him anymore for -- is a great atmosphere. CSN Washington dot com.

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