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Former Redskins GM Charley Casserly on the Rex Grossman to Tom Brady comparison--11/23



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Wed, 23 Nov 2011|


Csnwashington.com. Hey everybody I'm Jennifer Williams for CSN Washington dot com I'm on -- former Redskins GM Charley casserly. And Charlie disappointing off on Sunday what -- your what was your original what was your reaction to your first reaction to the the skins OT loss. Well a lot of positives are you on the defense of line you take the front seven excellent front seven physical against the run the Redskins went to this game thinking they could win that battle and they did did win that battle -- -- of the Cowboys after the game. Very impressed with the Redskins front seven. Physical dominating at the line of scrimmage at times during a football game. Over on offense where I was impressed with -- Rex Grossman pushing the ball downfield be aggressive throwing the ball be inaccurate finding people open so they really get yardage in chunks. Now you just -- and Rex Grossman and every one via Twitter and are you looking forward to this year's draft to draft another guy but I mean Rex Grossman did well there was that one exception. But he threw for 289. Yards two touchdowns and rushed one and now Mike Shanahan told our own chick Hernandez that he felt that Rex Grossman cleaned it better vs the Cowboys and Tom Brady what do you think about that statement. -- say this first one interception appeared to me the receiver breaks one way he throws the other way so they'll look like a miscommunication. More so than a bad decision I I think K here's the way I would qualify that is just when the Cowboys. And the Redskins play the Redskins. Are not gonna be the same offense that -- people Patriots are you -- defense and different with the -- to two against the Patriots because Brady is so Smart. And that's it run the spread offense line of scrimmage you keep disguising their coverages and and I think that what the Cowboys were able to do. In that game is make Brady hold the ball in confuse him at times. In this game they to -- were not as complicated. And attacking the Redskins so I think this is why Grossman was able make some plays in the game as opposed to Brady looking uncertain at times when they played. We got a question via Twitter on Grossman from -- and he wants to know how good is directs his arm strength is it good enough to -- press coverage defense this. Well I think you will win the use the term shreds look at this way it is on strike good enough to make old frozen football. Absolutely. Is he of pinpoint passer all the time. Not necessarily so when you play press coverage a lot of your routes that -- can succeed on our timing routes accuracy routes and -- the woods the receivables stop subtly. And turn and the ball has to be right there or has to be on the back shoulder. So those -- the routes I'm not sure Grossman excels at but he does have enough arm strength to be able make all the throws. CSN Washington dot com.

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