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Bruce Boudreau talks about the OT win over the Jets-11/23



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Wed, 23 Nov 2011|


CSN Washington dot com. It was it was tough because every time we scored -- -- one back and so I mean it takes a lot of I don't know for his intestinal fortitude her. Character or whatever but to to keep coming back and I thought we did every time and you know when you could get down -- it. We score you think you got the lead you think you're gonna go go for it then they tie it up and even in the third period where. I think that might have been the first shot on goal in the period and we're playing very well defensively and -- the score and you know which have gone suppose it was a pretty -- and -- Yeah yeah on them. You know and -- Struggle and they don't get -- Sometimes and a -- when Matt touched him but he looked like it was outside the blue. Politically in the like Matt was stopped outside the blues I don't know I mean that's. That they -- call I was -- You know for a lot of reasons let clerk. Yeah you know especially in the in the second and third that's. And when the crowd started chanting I thought it was you know. Is is it to like people were bouncing off from you know you could tell. I know it's frustrated don't mean he wants us to score in front of the home crowd more than anything in the world and you know so I know everybody these keeps. But a real trooper keeps going Oden doing his best game. Big turning point in the game I thought you know I mean it got the crowd really engaged in the game in. -- and got the bench our bench really really got them. They did a great job out there. You know it fifteen and what do you do in the video with them on what to do and what. The tendencies of the opposing team is. But you're right it's it's something you can't. Practice because it's although blocking shots and the last thing you want your. Team in practice to do is break an ankle blocking shots or something so it's. It's it's difficult to do. -- Well I mean if you if you think about it urge to just go back mean. That's two games in a row but there was also than there was two games are we allowed five and then that was six games or we love none. So everything that happened bad to us for those Winnipeg Toronto games. We'll take those two games away in the penalty killing has been. Pretty good but I mean you know census since the the first. Eight -- nine games so they're getting back there but it just we've had pockets of where it hasn't. And so well but I mean I really have a lot of faith in that everybody we've put out there for the penalty -- Well. He's been great he's been in gates he's on now. Some of those roles where he hasn't been on in a while -- was that is ninth today. If there. Well they had ten last year so. He's -- pray you know I'm I'm pretty happy for him because he's a guy that comes he works every day. He's always got a smile on his face and he keeps -- -- so it's. It's good to see good things happen to good people. Yeah no it's and he's doing a good job in every game he's you know hopefully that he's here he gets a little better feel better. Just keep waiting for him to say okay am. I'm real veteran -- started going up the -- Every shift buddies is playing really really Smart right now. Another you know good things for the crowd that got everybody -- it was a great hit. Yeah no I mean he can hit I mean there's is gonna catch some people by surprise. The more comfortable he gets a standing up and hitting guys he's gonna. Because he's a really solid guy doesn't he's not small he's just not tall. Yes very much. I think they really good game. Goals. Yeah I mean which which school. -- -- -- You have that the defensive play it was pretty well John Carlson is a pretty dangerous player though cross ice. So wouldn't say it was a great defensive play I mean. I was like this because it could've got intercepted we have two guys on the zones. I mean that John's good enough that he made the good play. No not necessarily mean -- you know you give. You know especially Dennison and John Brewer. Pretty good. What the New. Orleans and Carlton given time I mean it. Our forwards are good at breaking into holes and you know they can hit them. Good because you know teams they've played pretty defenses against us. Well I mean. The last time we are in Olympic five hits. You know I mean and it definitely a lot of heart -- games with five hits and we mention that advocate against Phoenix with 29 it's. -- successful so we wanted to get into. There yet. Parade we thought when -- engaged and we get thirty hits we've got a big team. Then and then we're. We're doing well I mean and I think -- had 23 after two I don't know -- finalist and yet but. I'm sure it was around thirty. -- He got to parkway -- really really quick but. We missed it change we should have changed a little bit earlier and then our Winger. Who was there. Didn't pick up that he it was there but he was off from the nation have been tighter to him and wouldn't have a lot of ancient book. He's fine I mean it didn't from what from everything I've gathered. You know he's never complain about -- it was fun. CSN Washington dot com.

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