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NBA players happy to be back to work-12/1



CSN Washington dot com. -- -- definitely were some I said I was mountaineers. Vet now I feel is great to be back and NBA facility. The other guys are excited about that are important. Fans could -- -- you know what Marlins. So we're happy indeed back doing what these guys love to do but there was a time during this five month -- But the possibility of a season long cancellation. Was front and center on their mind. He came to a point where we did question. If there was going to be NBA food we're going to keep playing every week he was the same result we are trying we are trying but nothing was happening throughout the sort of thing. Spent the last voters lose Holbrooke for one thing that this isn't as it. It causes of terrorism and I was -- -- -- -- think -- can go wrong and things can be cancels and that's for the casual NBA fan returning to support the product former wizard now NBA champion Brendan Haywood. Has a simple formula to get those fans back cover to -- him from record. It just keeps him great Jackson and realize that last year was a great year for an NBA. And now force within the realizes this is not often against -- business this is the business on some some business there's a lot of good. Was as general manager -- -- Phillips said Thursday that the team will most likely not use their amnesty provision allowing teams to cut a player came. And not have his money goal against the salary cap. The team also reached out to agents for Nick Young Maurice Evans and Josh Howard to gauge their interest on a possible return. CSN Washington dot com.



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