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Are the Jets legit? Our Redskins Insiders have bold predictions for Sunday-12/2



  1. Josh Wilson1:30
  2. Santonio Holmes1:28
  3. Plaxico Burress1:27
  4. rich Taylor0:05
  5. Mike Martz1:31
  6. Jets0:06, 0:09, 0:20
  7. mark Sanchez's0:35
  8. Washington0:00, 0:04, 1:36
Fri, 2 Dec 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com every year -- and CSN Washington -- or rich Taylor had to pick the Jets and Redskins. 1 o'clock game on Sunday Jets 33 half point favorites that we've got a -- -- You know I I just had a feeling is going to be the Redskins I think did you. -- -- Didn't mean the Jets are or more high they're they're more -- than -- -- substance if you look at you actually look at the numbers. Take the Redskins defense at the Jets defense and you couldn't tell one from the other and their -- rule that once a little better here once a little better there. I just -- I don't see I think mark Sanchez's is. Highly highly overrated quarterback from is not more because he's done a lot of heat on -- ago twenty to thirteen Redskins. Pacino plays yeah. See him. -- my draft position because right now this is a bad you know those. Boards and -- be drafted in the -- hurt themselves. But this weekend then it doesn't manage them I don't go to Jets and and -- this game's going to be what wrestling thing because neither. It's pretty stout against the overall I would go Jets. Fifteen. To twelve it's all feel -- but I think this score. Mark. I expect somebody just to say that it takes to get I don't know strategic analysis and shutting down on us. If we're I think the Jets a better person on the key areas that. Plaxico Burress and Santonio Holmes tough matchup and thought Josh Wilson Mike Martz I just -- what this game. Rich Taylor Brian -- and CSN Washington dot. She -- in Washington dot com.

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