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London Fletcher after the Redskins' loss to the Jets-12/4



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Sun, 4 Dec 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Can't take another seventy tackles for London you guys three quarters of play -- pretty has dominated the Jets offense what happened late in the game. You Ryan you know we went up 1613. You know felt pretty good did that would sure feel that -- kickoff. You know they converted third down and at that they. Just what a big play -- they went up twenty sixteen. You know office that gets a turnover. Now we should be -- another short -- we're in my setup we have this deal. Pulled to feel -- again within a touchdown we gave up another touchdown which. You know was uncharacteristic of us and you know kind of get that ball and get -- and -- matter of 22 series. How hard is that the stomach is you this this defense has been the strength you guys have so much character on the -- a lot of pride out there it's very hard to stomach calmed you you think about how. -- that we -- that ball game for three and a half court and you know the scores not indicative of how we play. You know but for me as -- as standpoint yet he had finished the ball and you have to you have to play for sixty minutes no it's old cliche but it was true in this case. And you guys had a good game plan for Mark Sanchez I -- -- rattled and he couldn't hit his receivers he couldn't see downfield. Until late and that's when he tends to be at his best. Yeah we knew about coming to the ball and we wanted to take away their running game make them one dimensional and then. Comment -- Sanchez with a lot of different coverages you know kind of mix of what we're doing bring some pressure plate coverages and see if we can confuse movement. How frustrating is it is an event of the -- talking to Kevin Barnes about the penalty and they said wasn't helmet to helmet it was it was after the whistle no one ever went well yeah I mean now days that you guys got like you can't do anything especially when it comes hit the quarterback. Absolutely you know think about it it's a loud and loud stadium. You know the whistle was blue but I didn't hear nobody here you're actually to play fast and play hard. But in this about what was Sami you know deflated looks a bit so. It's tough when you play for these last weeks we we guys up four. -- that they -- thing about us there's no quit in this in this football team you know guys still be in evaluating you still trying to. Trying to finish to game for the season on a win though. -- we can't we can't have a winning season we can't go way they know what the main thing we need to focus on is just in looking at the fans here we need to do better try to win next week. You've had such a great career how hard is it to just be on a team that continues to struggle and not get those opportunities go to the playoffs let alone win a super ball. Yeah this it's frustrating now wont lie to you you know what. Definitely has long some long days long nice you know but this is what I do. Now don't get caught -- pin. What the score is what's your record is not played football. I've been fortunate to be alone two teams -- gone to Super Bowl one want to. I want -- I wanted to ask that again but the -- -- on the planet Boston and -- wanna be a part of. The team that that brings back the lead to bring back that tradition of winning. I would be a part of that. Yeah yeah some great years Saint Louis back here together out there and perhaps that's gonna get involved that's. Looking for a ought to ask you about short fields that were three touchdowns by the Jets in the fourth quarter. All the more on short fields after either a long kickoff return to midfield for a fumble that was at the nine yard line for the onside kick they got down to the point five. I know that is when you're in the game things -- -- bit different but on Paper heading into it what is the mindset of the defense to be able to stop a team when they get the ball with. The short field. We really don't care what we when we get the ball you know what what young -- we asked defend our our touchdown -- end zone rather. We just don't care Hamas that is. Do you take away ourselves or hold on to lay off -- voted best. You know at -- rather head down you know they they were able to to score which is very which is more disappointed in -- things. Well I thought prime -- and I'll tell you have a former redskin and we'll follow that legacy you have a lot of you have that -- -- -- -- over and over again. But I would not want to play football 70000 they tweak that was a while ago. What is it that you have and do you if Dick can you bottle it up to contribute -- -- lot of young guys have run up big because. When you watch football what do you all winning losing or you fight took we don't know you've got to give them what you have everybody else doesn't play that way. What is. You know I tell guys around. Project a couple coffee takes in a couple commitment every day you and a senate has there -- has really that's really wow look at. You know some guys take -- these other things again that Ford gave. I just take commitment you know on. This is guys that play hard on this football team I mean you look at. How we play how are we played these last three weeks there's no doubt you can you can't question our effort I mean that's just. You don't you don't play Dallas until it. All the time we don't want to Seattle and come from ten points down to win that football game without great effort and even if today you look at the get a game I mean the sixteenth thirteenth. Would not a lot of time you know halfway through the fourth quarter -- guys come to. Play every week. In London performance to go here the one -- didn't make today was the guy on this sad Brian Westbrook could see you can't quite return from there it that. Just in your thoughts on us and I got in -- we see both go to screener these are two of the better players in the National League over the last decade are your thoughts on Westbrook. -- -- He had me Davies and -- -- I definitely out we don't have some success and long weeks big about that matchup against them because especially with. We played at a great ways ago Greg -- it was a lot of man to man coverages stuff like that Celtic lighter bat. You know working on my game plan hobbled go to different has gotten you know they don't great that's great is this -- day so it is definitely was a long long week. Mean for you -- -- that the truth about it is we spent all week. The current problems stop number fifteen after making plays that could with the way that you can't allow him to do with have to when he tackles and -- veteran -- just let someone else make a tackle. And then obviously that's still has gone on today that. It looked as Megan all the tackles all the plays on the defense -- and I'd Altman's the player you say you don't block anyone else -- -- -- -- think the London Fletcher we thank you very much your time -- I won't say they gather you're -- this -- that that you looked like he little Green. I don't see all those bigger gap. Look at what's your linebackers who have never lost a thank you very much you can fresh CSN Washington dot com.

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