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Skins Social: Blogger Rich Tandler answers fan questions on loss to Jets--12/5



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Tue, 6 Dec 2011|


Csnwashington.com. Everybody I'm Jennifer Williams alongside our Redskins blogger -- Chandler. And that noise you hear well people are are watching what -- the offense a La cart wheel lock that FedEx. Yeah I I think that after a long time that it is -- it. Look the Redskins -- early in the game and it was you know again the problems were very the end. Redskins were winning. The football games or quarters he can't place -- three yeah. And I'm still -- In the fourth aren't let's talk about the game boy -- he had another touchdown recorded the second touchdown of his career. I rushed for a hundred yards on 23 carries. -- -- hand said he had a great game and yet the Redskins decided not to continue. Running the ball well what was going on their. It was he had a great. First to drive the reds. Roy to lose the reds did pretty much meaning -- Redskins and it beat me they're very few drives and get this down the field goal. In their last two drives when it was garbage time got to build -- they were there were down by eleven. Him coming back and winning big games in 99 you know right you know the passing game was we're -- So the running game. You know. You just can't in any real -- one person yet count he hits until this this and that makes sense. No we asked about both like to pessimists would. You can't when you're hitting three announcer scream at -- what they were -- 33 it and just go out there and sent him. They're they're played on justice and making sense it is. You hit it and we'll -- -- isn't exactly yes so. You know that that's that's what that would that -- do I think that it didn't you know was done at halftime I believe it was nineteen passes. Through eleven run. There's too much in any game where very closely. You know his name on that went on it's it's it's. This happens aligned with the Redskins. But they just being able to work drives together it's a very little warm but -- -- you were -- -- -- What's funny you bring up. I outstanding and because that tweets and FaceBook -- we got about. Kyle or Andrew long said via Twitter and that steep steep thirty scores that. We're running the ball great and then we passed with a horrible Q being fired -- on -- we got another round. We got a lot of love them for Kyle's. -- Skinner said Weis stopped running the ball when it obviously wasn't working. A white -- bringing the ball when it obviously is working sorry if any of us perform as poorly at our jobs as Kyle and -- he does. Really didn't fire -- months ago I just don't get it -- it any -- that. The iron I don't want any. You know hiring people it's not you me it's here here's an idea that somebody not in recruitment quarterback. Yeah when they -- in -- instantly. A much better offensive or. They need finding ninety's your friend is news agency market make -- parade they do it. They need to break -- position. Hand then you know then you -- that much here it's been very good on the right but he deserved that shot. But they did Pam Wright who's quarterback right it's not an up and down team is this old guy -- that he is grounds. And ready yet. And ready yet it's I mean it's not Richmond. Right. Well and it's funny a few weeks ago lonely you know I think we've got a lot of love for DC but. He -- about this area like you know so many people get so upset about the revolving door of coaches. Personnel and then you know the minute -- at the same theme it's fire this person I had this person well or fortunately the decision makers. Yes. You know that's that's. And nothing out hot and then surprisingly boxing not surprisingly all our tweets and FaceBook post more about the offense. So I ask you what that deep -- that seems like it's showed up for three quarters what happened in the -- Well in the fourth Redskins who are available that -- 1613 lead. On then it kicked on was who is not execute well there's no -- yeah it went short. Guess that the ball did -- midfield. -- for a touchdown take the lead you know short fields were right there in right here next time -- have gone on record fumble. They've got involved in -- nine yard line for a little hand and that's game. Six so you. You know that you didn't play great day again date date Mark Sanchez didn't -- it seems as well. It pretty well against the running game they'll happily runs. So the defense I think overall it played well enough. Well left in the game which -- -- for repair the Swedish citizen and her apartment that we saw on the road last for sixty don't know. Playing back. -- -- -- nit that are as good -- just you have offensive line. -- Sanchez showed a little bit of -- -- he's not the most mobile guy out there right Vince Young in the ransom. That's billion you've got to have more than zero sacks in Europe -- England and -- it was an -- performance by the defense that. Once again turned turned the picture to 99 yards of offense. Or most of the meeting the last third of the didn't you know you level. You know -- about -- it out you just talked about that play in the fourth quarter. At one point I think you know was four for four I think as long -- Field goal -- was 46 yards. I had -- -- later. Grant and now is playing lie that I thought Elena blink and we got some interesting responses are on the end of gross said like he doesn't wanna work at -- late next week. And then both means when he suits yet steady and he's always they can't -- Skipped social set -- know is playing like big kicker he could be wrong about that. You know that it could become and maybe that almost went as the. Look at it against Dallas heat and reached his peak let's go back through this as good as it's -- exact -- acting -- -- down. And down the Dallas game fifty plus yard field goals geniuses then yes you might see maybe get one of those two because the -- That is still not sure thing last week for some reason he operated on him. In. In Seattle post -- were. That was not premiums -- That logos like if it was a jail break -- -- even see handset that lightly it should not have happened and instead it sent out yet but you know in the end. Mitigate or perform field goal. When did not that it is not very good skill development -- this. Yes that was -- Hilton Reno that was not a good but it also came in the fourth quarter like can handle clutch situations. Run he can definitely. We're me. Game winning field those last year in overtime game winner against the Cardinals in regulation. In the second game of the season so he has been there and play. Yeah he's just he's still young still learning. You know I see no reason not should I think it's made some great he's like 22 and not -- I pray. In his third Q I'm not really sometimes it's his third here yet it hasn't competition. And keep it throughout mean hand you know it happens every competition. In trading him this year. That handsome guy who's gonna behavior we wish them. And seniors on. CSN Washington dot com.

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