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Redskins Reset: Fate of Fred Davis and can the Pats be stopped at FedEx?--12/8



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Thu, 8 Dec 2011|

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CSN Washington dot com. Everybody -- -- and CSN Washington dot com all rich Campbell The Washington Times this is redskins' recent brought you by The Washington Times it. Before you look ahead and and one little slip back on the events the last couple days Trent Owens and Fred Davis suspended for the last four games. The pot smoking pot and I got tied in embarrassment for the organization I say you said. Definitely an embarrassment for the organization and these are two of their front line offensive players too high draft picks. Trent Williams the first draft pick Mike Shanahan tenure here and these guys get busted for something that's totally preventable and it's a matter of self discipline that these guys apparently didn't show. And now Mike Shanahan as you build this team. For years you know the next this year next year he's gonna have to worry about are these guys can be. Busted again got -- year. Guess the biggest issue mean people assailant whoever says this isn't a big deal as it. Does have a -- reality -- you hit on the key thing I think the -- of Florida's and Mike finally admitted yesterday. One time there -- -- does affect your team -- wrap up on this issue Fred Davis or it's a mixture. I think he is both put it this way I think the Redskins are going to try to re sign him. But they're gonna have to do so at a discount like you know it was very realistic about the situation yesterday saying any contract offer him -- to protect the team. And it just takes one team -- the rest of the 31. Just decide -- wanna take a gamble pay him so I think the Redskins want to re sign him but the question is will that one team come out actually. Yes curious mean you can buy -- for sixty cents on the dollar now. And it's not just put him back toward its only a cement truck but you can hear that the background but. I think from Fred's perspective you have to. Respect the Redskins -- maybe say okay you guys stood by me I'm gonna stand by you guys maybe except -- contract it's gonna have less guaranteed money. Yet because. Really Fred Davis has done nothing to deserve the Redskins loyalty and so for them. Stand by him allow him to be the building and attending meetings during his suspension when the team doesn't have to do that. That that shows that they're committed to him and Mike can you think once those two players to succeed personally because he likes them so. It maybe maybe he does get the Redskins discount because he knows that the coaching staff knows where he's come. And suspensions are -- Legacy those guys until next year during the OTAs and mini camps and whatnot. New England Patriots in town eight point favorites the last activities played it was fifteen to 7UP in -- it could have been 7770. How. Realistic is it for the Redskins defense to slow down the Patriots. Well it's gonna start with the pressuring Tom Brady and the Redskins have done a very good job pressuring opposing quarterbacks although. Last week was the first time this season they did not have a sack but it there's gonna have to pressure Brady all day and maybe take some risks to do that because if you sit back you can pick you apart. He's got a multiple weapons Wes Welker at the but the two tight ends are just dynamic gronkowski and Hernandez. Personally -- I would play based -- the entire game but safeties Agassi's tennis because I don't either it's just have a linebacker who can carry their guy. I agree with you and wanted things to take keep tabs on as we go towards Sunday as LaRon Landry status because he doesn't play. Is this the matchup becomes even more difficult for the Redskins. Yeah it's housing the office can be it would keep up with them but -- chance -- look at you look at the Redskins offense. I don't know if they've turned the corner but they've put two games together last week was just completely hideous after the first two drives. How much. Do that to change their game plan with no -- notre. I mean you're basically saying that they can't run the ball now because Fred Davis and Trent Williams were two key elements that stretch blocking -- so blocking scheme on the stretch. Both guys good on the edge are good enough on the edge to get some semblance of a running game go at it saw Roy Alou go for a hundred yards last two weeks without those guys. Big hero on the ball I just don't expect them to run the ball at all and when you get. You know one dimensional with Rex Grossman as your quarterback tells. Disaster yeah it's. It -- still possession in the bigger thing is. -- Fred is never be known as the greatest pass blocker -- but. Now you have to give Sean -- -- -- look and also we'll put a pile on last week so that's just another problem for Kyle Shanahan to figure out. Pitcher it's a Redskins 1 o'clock on Sunday. For rich Campbell I'm Brian Eller and this is Redskins -- -- by The Washington Times on CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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