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Navy head coach Ken Niumatalolo after beating Army- 12/10


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CSN Washington dot com. Is gamesmanship. And leave it up into this game it was special. Mean you're NBC. He posted about being here. Consistent. It was special and I did this is my you know fourteenth army navy game but this one from the beginning of the it also and it's. That this was feeling really comfortable game to them. You could feel with the guys you know this the last couple weeks you can see the emotions coming practice. Casino that this -- it -- that's always the best there -- before age -- this true. As soon but these are some great young men just very happy -- two -- and don't depend. CSN Washington dot com.

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  1. Who will the Redskins start at QB on Sunday?

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    CSN Washington dot com. Should you have to go with Kirk I'm sending Cleveland how much does offense changed and the run option plays that Robert and. He'll have to go to the game have to see. That's a secret. Welker can do a lot obviously. And we're gonna do we think gives us the best chance to win the game plan Oregon do what we think is and Robert's best interest. And usually when you do that it's a team's best interest as well a couple of months there if we think you know he's not completely healthy. He can do things and help us win. So much for the evaluation during a week same thing with the London Fletcher painting with a Trent Williams you can't put guys out there that you certainly don't think is best interest of themselves as well as a football team so. You got to evaluate it and you got to you don't know until game. You've talked to us about. Obviously not disclosing some misinformation because you want the other team to have to prepare for different scenarios and know we're talking I'm saying things like that you must have to. Must have a different guy I must. Me. Not disclosing. And you guys there that. We may just not jealousy if you when I got news that the integrity what a great one means that kind of gives you communication Torre's. It was great to Ortiz agree to agree a great one is a twelve so. We'll have the islander consumers let me SE a different way than. Because of Robert Scales and Kirk's different skill set. If the team has to prepare for both of those quarterbacks. You think it gives you guys an advantage. Sure turned. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Update on RG3's injury from head coach Mike Shanahan

    Mon, 10 Dec 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. It's great one he's had some mild swelling. He had his right knee repaired his ACL in 2009. That looks great no problem there. Will it day by day. TO is on Wednesday but talking to him today. He felt pretty. But the lives just follow up on that I sounds like you're not ruling him out for the Cleveland game. I definitely not ruled out for Cleveland it's a great ones that was a good side we know going into the great one to three. So to grade one he's got some mild swelling. Your with three have. If they're very quickly but we don't know for sure we'll have to go day by day and evaluated him. They never know back when Brent Brandon meriwether. And pregame warm ups and great two and a great three. And so. He just never know he felt very good felt like going back in the game so you don't military and the MRI. It was positive Use it ACL sprain to seal was LC LC. What could see him competent because of it and that's where some of the things you saw those few plays where go back. After you suited to people over over the middle and great throws in the pocket. You could tell there was something wrong you start looking at that time in new. It was a few weeks ago were talking about is. Is a criticism get them in trouble with confessions. Now it's now it's it's in me knows this is just the the product of having a mobile quarterback like this is a team thing that can be done to. I'm on his part to protect himself. To me it's you know you get the get the drive the final drive. And fourth quarters trying to make a play. And I'd Robert was trying to news. Score touch wood to the competitors would do you know it was like a playoff game to us because we knew it went. Robert wouldn't do anything he could get that first. I think in normal circumstances he probably would Slater took off to the outside. Burnett situation trying to make a it would every could connect. Most quarterbacks at least quarterbacks. We would want would put themselves in that situation. We want to protect themselves when they go through that each week and how can there protect themselves we can stay healthy. The thing in the mindset of quarterback. And we got to get the ball in the end to everything I could possibly do to help this football team win. CSN Washington dot com.

  3. What's holding up an NHL deal and what needs to happen to save the season?

    Mon, 10 Dec 2012

    CSN Washington dot com the GM's can't control themselves. They're they're giving guys thirteen year deals okay not a hundred million dollars and more. And for the most part they're not working you know the PH or that one didn't work for the Islanders. Chris Pronger got one didn't work for the flyers. It's it's a real risky proposition but it GM's can't stop themselves from doing it so. He GMs want that in there to protect themselves and honestly to protect the league and I am all for I think. Five your it's actually good for. Continuity that the fans get a player for five years. And we all know that if you sign a guy for five years. He may not stay for five years to get treaties like I said to me I don't I don't understand why that's a sticking point I understand the players are. Adamant against it because they think it limits were the growth of their own salaries. But I don't I don't see it being a sticking point I would just let that doubt that it umpire fact one of the players told me. That's not a sticking point. You know if if all the numbers match up. That he would be willing to sacrifice that so I don't see why that is an issue and I think that's should be something that should not. Get in the way of an agreement. Another thing that's investigating a noise in the way of the agreement is this ten year deal that the owners want and the players. Are against so why is it the players won't agree to ten years why is they owners need ten years and in the hands. What's better for the fans. While the fan wants ten years who wants to go through this again nobody I mean the NBA got a ten year agreement they don't have to worry about it they don't have to open it up again. The players want an eight year agreement with the six year opt out. So nobody wants to go through this in six years I mean we don't the fans down the players down. I I understand. That ten years seems like a long time the players and the reason it does because. They don't they don't want to lose everything they wanted to gain more in the next agreement that never happens in sports the players lose a little bit more each time. And that's not gonna happen if if they if they get to a six year agreement. In year seven they're not gonna have more than what they have today they're gonna have last and I think that has to be realized by the players I I think that they're gonna come a point. Where someone's gonna say to them. Take it or leave it and they're gonna have become a I think it's very close to that. If they don't decertified they're gonna have to come to a and I think and I think a good amount of players would take what's on the table now. Rather than lose the rest of the season where do we go from here or do they decertified. I think they I I think it's their necks that I think eight to certify probably next week. Forces the under under his hands again. And I think it forces them to come together again and I I do think that they're gonna meet next week. And they know time is of the essence they know that if it goes to December 20 that's might. If it December 20 and there's not an agreement. I think they cancel the season I think they're very close to canceling the end of December. And they're looking at a January 1 start date. Max I can't see them going beyond that CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Will there be an NHL season?

    Mon, 10 Dec 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. I think what's happening years. Gary Bettman wants Don out of the picture. He wants to separate Don Fehr from the players he wants to discredit him and say that he's the one preventing this from happening he he's one preventing you deal. I'm not sure that's completely accurate that I think what's happening is. Two days of negotiations went by and so much progress was made without Don Fehr in the in the and without Gary Bettman the next. I think Bettman did that intentionally he figured. I'll take myself out of the equation if Don Fehr takes himself out and let's see what happens because he believes that on a problem with getting a deal done. When Don gets back in there what he does is he takes this proposal he says OK we like this this this in this. But scratch this this this in this. They brought that back to the owners makes it now now we we're done giving. And every game is off the table now. When you hear everything is off the table that may provision 300 million dollars that's that's money. That's taken out of the players' pockets if that happens there will be no season. So I don't think that that this deal is completely off the table I don't think Gary Bettman is foolish enough to take everything off the table and just. Lose a second season under his term I don't think that's possible and I think that there will be an agreement. I think a lot of work has to be done between now and next week but I think it can happen. Do you think it can happen with fears still representing the players well I think Steve Fehr brother in General Counsel. We'll need to step in with I think that is where all the progress has taken place. I think even the owners are recognizing this they don't want Bettman representing if it means not getting a deal done. So I think. For the next for for see able future really for all the future negotiations. Keep Don Fehr in the background keep Gary Bettman and background. And I think the players will come to the understanding and that's what the owners want. Maybe someone else. Getting this to the final stage is what they need because if they get to a final stage and Don Fehr changes. What's already on the table. Will never see hockey again CSN Washington dot com.