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Tom Brady's temper tantrum - 12/11



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Sun, 11 Dec 2011|


CSN Washington dot com. Dad Tom Brady argue with the offensive coordinator Bill Bradley sidelined but -- argue whether it was like the book. Here after what's going on is that -- guys understand the game as much golf -- -- and it got me on this day and everybody was very you have to respect you off with coordinating used to coax. But you know what don't always know everything that's going on out on the football field the player -- from -- Tom Brady is horrible at that level I think we're a little -- -- Had the same type of leeway to argue with your coach and coach would get the ball dog in the continual. Yes but. Figure that out -- support -- company is this for Brady bill is third or fourth puppets coordinator. -- -- Do something that will be perceived by the national television audience is try to show up talk radio sideline by. Killing him repeatedly not a good. Not a good group and at the end Tom Brady gets a little both on the field afterwards thank all of well because. They got the victory. CSN Washington dot com.

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