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Kelli Johnson 1-on-1 with Darrel Young after the Skins' win-12/18



CSN Washington dot com. -- thanks very much all I drag you guys first sweep of the Giants since 1999. I how big is this for you guys obviously beat your plane to prying him for jobs but to go out and and hit him in the mouth. Thomas just what Kosier and precision no we we emphasized to the week that we got a win you know and that's what we've been some close games this is. We know there's no moral victories but at the end of the day I mean we beat the Giants -- the c.'s game. Derrick is out the window because how we played a practice game I mean guys just came out play hard to that this. Offense seems to be making strides you guys seem to be kind of finding your identity. Is it -- need to think okay. We're building for something that maybe next year could really be good. You know it it's a credit to Collison and cushion and the rest offensive staff for me to have -- -- go down and you know lose to the big plays and trust myself and Will Smith. To play morning going in actually you know execute stuff like that. You know it's just an -- first -- only needs one got to believe in they believed in us and we executed so thank -- on to next season -- Clinton prior right now you know we want to win out that's a goal and you know establish some -- is so. -- we're playing for pride right now. Yeah all those injuries tie in obviously in the backfield. That your your start -- -- more and offensive weapon first touchdown of the season first career rushing touchdown hundred that. Yeah that's so great like a -- -- account system to run echo some silent. You know I said you know in his one gotta believe because I worked out many places in the Redskins -- the only place to give me a chance in -- linebacker first haircut and came back because sense -- -- -- Not try to fullbacks so that's just a credit to him and seen so -- you know ahead in the zone and just thankful. Now much more enemies saying hey goal line didn't give me give the big day. I had hit the ball you know what I like Bruno who -- -- was to get DiMaggio as you think analogy on so I'm over school some don't -- and I know. Hello that's and that's one of the bigger things is the balance now that you found that running game and as a rookie he's been phenomenal he's been your grade I mean. This offseason we seen and that's what -- trips you know just a come from -- it's out it's arraignment. Who -- you -- -- -- the coast is a great job for ten bags and they are -- Kaman has some big runs he's been doing it for the last couple weeks so it's a trade it's like I said the coaching staff and you know everything they don't source. Lionel even hang in our Mike Sellers looks like you guys got to dress a little sharper to just let alone just a little that I can you know the Mike's got this monies loaned them cars so I got an occasional need a few more. Here's a Lorraine video cry about it and I -- another -- are highly appreciate the time thinking great when there really unless they're back -- CSN Washington dot com.



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