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The Fight Fix - 2011 MMA Year-in-Review - 12/19



  1. Alan Garcia2:15
  2. Karate Kid1:43
  3. Anderson Silva1:36
  4. Brock Lesnar4:28
  5. Eddie Alvarez0:24
  6. John Jones4:11
  7. Jon Jones4:07
  8. Shogun0:27
  9. light heavyweight3:53
  10. weight class1:06
Thu, 15 Dec 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. I think some Dustin Green and Willamette -- talk with the SB -- dot com Luke. It is in the it's eleven it's tough for us to taco. Your best of the bestseller list to start with. The best for the year -- -- -- -- the year actually it's it was crazy to happen this late in the year I'm actually go with -- -- vs Eddie Alvarez. It close inclination to say Shogun vs Henderson. But fortunately was able to do and odds are stacked against -- how he. Was -- -- and -- them but what he was going to accomplish have to do so after being in. Payroll after being tired and an Agassi. A fighter who was to -- deal believed to be significantly better than him but it was a held back and forth. If I -- for severe it was an incredible win for him and he's an urgent enough that. For me that's a little -- a fight world -- -- great fight and it's Henderson but a little sloppy this -- a little more -- me to -- that your best -- this year -- -- -- -- pretty simple I don't see any way you can -- against -- Jones is a guy who had arguably the best year of an enemy -- irrespective of weight class -- -- -- -- that -- of how many great fighters have been. -- -- runs they've been on this guy -- a mall -- four times in a calendar year finished all four opposition are all four opponents for the B at the end of tweets and he had faced. About wonderment you Shiancoe at the end of 2011 if he had defended his title for the second time. By putting away a little bit which you with a standing guillotine he is the best for 2011 hands down and got to the this was a little more difficult it is it's a pretty good ones I'm gonna have to go with the -- -- to the face Anderson Silva against before -- we know. We have -- -- had his audience renewed its war but. And it looks kind of cool to as little more Karate Kid credit kids and theatrics of it but. I believe that the skill level differential between your and so between Belfour. Was much -- narrower than it is between going to go to war we have what you'd and he's that was the first guy I mean it. You -- and -- -- -- terms as you grow determines published should never have seen -- in the mail with the stakes so high it was the fight of the century as it was labeled. In Brazil to -- figurative sense -- what an unbelievable -- -- dispatch opponents submission of the this was the toughest call I think of them or maybe the second closest I'm gonna say it was a tough choice between pitches on John and Alan Garcia the twister. The war more recently you've to a forty for Mir vs new gear I think you can make a very very compelling case for either one. It -- case he broke a legends on the first cut -- -- -- but submitted leads the -- submitted abruptly -- but. You know to do you know of such a stage and after being hurt but pretty big chance that Jones. The twister is such a novel submission it's so difficult to -- its never been done before in the UFC. You figure to the greens are real well on some of the best card of Portland the grizzled horse want to go one and the reason why is not there have been -- -- have been great course. But evolved -- a lot of cars that were more by injury things went wrong it from the -- at the bottom this is a bit of a challenging year even the UFC had the breakthrough moments. This is -- -- debatable that's -- my choice personally. You see 129 and I know the main event Princeton appear and shields didn't deliver what you were expecting but I was it mark RC yeah it was in Toronto when this went down. Feel first of all the every aspect of the score was great from the first fight the last of finishes all the way through they have a lot of Canadians on the court -- stepped up and being an important parts for your very first on the night. -- it with a flying triangle. I guess the main event not delivering hurts my argument but if you if you have a great case for you to wanted to for Brasilia communicate through two of them and I'm more recently in the 140 there. But I think top to bottom. Even -- suffering main event you gotta go to UFC one point in time for me. If you're definitely cool warts we looked -- four and 22 there's a lot lookout for is gonna be you know just an unbelievable and it shows pretty fortunate 32 shows that strike forces back now as well there's going to be a lot of the play tough Brazil I think that's -- that but for me like a -- one -- -- Alexander -- -- this and is a light heavyweight. He had a little rough run against Phil Davis to Begin -- but I. I thought he was surprisingly it's challenging for Phil Davis and I think he's gotten way better. And I think this is going to be year where you see them Sabrina performances you know. When Jon Jones for August now that Mosul -- -- for him but no one really knew what John Jones was on the rise. -- -- -- -- that -- -- -- is on the same level just pointing out he seems to be ultra talented he's he's getting better he's young. And I think you guys are very -- mutual assumed he could do. He told us is always thank you very much next week you will be back to what you'll see 141 Brock Lesnar and yeah also over and we'll talk about that whole thing is hearing and on Nevada. Next week on a fight fix. CSN Washington dot com.

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