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CSN Washington dot com. Right joining me now is John Feinstein who rode his 28. But bestselling authors is 11 behind the scenes with the -- held to 48 it comes. 25 years after your first book with Bob -- Susan brink why write this book now well. It was the 25 anniversary season on the brink which was a milestone in my life because it was my first book and be because it's success allowed me to go on. And right all these other books and once upon a time I thought I just go back to all the season on the brink characters. On the 25 anniversary but as I got closer. I realize the ones abroad I wanted to go back to the people I've enjoyed the most through all of my books. So I kind of picked -- different characters from each book people asking a million times whatever happened to Damon Bailey the eighth grade phenom. Who -- on the brakes I went back and saw him. And then Steve Kerr and and John McEnroe and Mary Carrillo and Bobby Cox and and people like that through the years that I've known and that made the book great fun that all the memories that I dug up. From stories that I hadn't -- from doing all these books. Having come across so many great names with and it is exactly the purpose of the book is there anyone in particular that maybe you favor. Oh gosh there's a lot of them I mean Steve occurs when an all time favorite people. All that. Kids are now man from army navy who I'm still very close to many of whom have been deployed. One of them Kevin Norman was killed overseas and still keep in close can't contact with -- all of them with Kevin -- Stanley. And many others so they'd certainly behind -- tonight and Mary Carrillo has always been one of my. Favorite people she is a very good player people forget before she heard her knees and I think she's the best there is that what she does. A one of the fascinating about the -- obviously since it does spanned 25 years is that. You get to know a lot of these great before they were great right but one of them being Tiger Woods yeah. I found that story just to be fascinating that you're getting this kid before he's even tiger but at the time Keno. He was tiger and carried himself relatively the same way tells us about that extra. Well first time ever saw Tiger Woods was when I was researching a good walk spoiled and he was an amateur at the time a teenager he played Arnold Palmer's tournament. On a special invitation and couple guys on the range pointed him out to -- said. He's the next one and I know he's a pay attention when I hear that could you hear people ranks warns all the time. As luck would have it I was walking off the range few minutes later and tiger was walking right in front of me. And as he walked by a bunch of kids fifteen or twenty of them trying to get autographs it was a practice that he just put his head down and went right -- and never looked left to right I remember thinking. Who in the world this guy think he is as it turned out he was tiger what it's it's just that he knew it at the time -- and I didn't know and then of course I had the experience with him. We had that long dinner together a few years later which. I feel like it was a harbinger unfortunately of what was to come for him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Exchange kind of got exactly how -- it's yeah it really did its funny causes in Madison square garden and I had planned all want to go back and say OK Bob it's been 25 years. You need to get over it he was upset about season on the brink -- that left his profanity in which nobody knew raised of course. You wanna sit down and talk and I knew it was gonna -- now. Because that's who years but I had to go through with the exercise of going up putting myself in front of saying Bob you wanna talk. Merrill was playing Pittsburgh Madison Square Garden that night before I wanna see Bob. I was back in the locker room talking to Gary any Sid and he asked me why I was there and I told them and he just start laughing. He -- you know what he's gonna sets and absolutely know what he's gonna say and son -- a few minutes later after I talked to -- he said. That didn't take long did it nice that you got that right well it goes to show last season on the brink exactly what Bob Knight. Became such a success and launch this great amazing career nearest 28 books congratulations on the latest one on -- is not a memoir. It is fascinating to read the experiences in the great names have come crossed. Over the last 25 and thinks there's a lot of fun and I hope it's not a memoir because they usually means that you last father's a clinic courts what -- Warriors to come I don't know or books I don't know how about banking -- -- -- -- Talk talk. I heard John Feinstein best selling author's latest book one on one. CSN Washington dot com.



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