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Mark Zuckerman reports on the Nats trade for Gio Gonzalez-12/22



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Thu, 22 Dec 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. -- haven't lost some of the Miami Marlins on left handed pitcher Mark -- the nationals turn their attention to other big names this off season. And today they made their move trading for the -- all star pitcher GO Gonzalez. The 26 year old lefty has won 31 games for the last two seasons with a three point 12 ERA. Going back to Oakland our minor league pitchers Brad peacock Tom Malone and AJ Cole. Along with catcher Derek -- Healthy cop -- AM hours worth -- -- that top pitching prospect according to baseball America. -- joining us now is our nationals insider mark Zuckerman mark hey we are talking about the nationals looking to go after a pitcher. GO Gonzalez's. They got -- they get today how does he fit into the rotation. Well here regularly were talking about that just yesterday and they really like Gonzales because they think he can block the right there up the rotation with Stephen Strasburg. And -- they're at and the reinvent like a much. That -- -- -- and felt over the last year but he's four more years in control he -- -- go after the if they can beat. That would happen but looking at fourteen where they know. -- -- -- -- good golf out there patients are pretty good for one of the rotation halfback at the thought anybody if. I have a big question was are they gonna go after him today are they -- how wait for their farm system to really produce may be over the years. They had to give up a good bit about farm wasn't too much in order to be able to bring him because he's seen. It was a lot to give up -- -- that -- legitimately of their top prospect three of them. Ranked in the -- nine. That's as big build up a lot of depth in their system over the last few years they didn't give up the number one guy Bryce Harper obviously didn't give up the number two guy. Anthony -- don't and they do feel like they have some other pitchers. We're gonna come up through that from the next -- -- that -- probably -- spot. That these guys held the they had to death but. You know 345 years from now we may look back at where our two not three of these guys didn't give up her not be really good -- -- Now that would definitely hurt how about any other meant to be made this off season you know up. Well up and at the moment I am sure a lot of people are gonna look at this segment looks like the nationals are going for broke right now trying to win so why don't go after Prince Fielder now that could really kept the ball off I don't get -- that's a strong possibility unless the price -- Dwyane Wade out. And the usual -- -- outfielder. They still need a center fielder and the one thing this trade does do is. It is could now potentially six starting pitchers. With a three wood mentions that can mean long John Lannan and -- that mark. So maybe they could try to move one of those guys clear a spot and maybe in a way to get the tenor or they've been looking for for a long time. I thank you very much or nationals insider mark Zuckerman with the very latest on the Washington Nationals -- CSN Washington dot com.

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