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CSN Washington dot com. Newark, New Jersey scoreless first period so we go to the second. Devils on the power play this man Ilya Kovalchuk. Rivals and past whoever for his eleventh of the season tips all the way into this 100 mile an hour shots -- stuff the extra few times beat snort over five hole. Little later in the period we're four on four defensive miscue Travis take -- active Alexander. Nice. Whole lot of mistakes you're paying it'll be out to -- comes and it gets in order to commit just put it in the open net. Third period captured freedom -- you think it's over Mel Brooks like doesn't think it's over. Hard work in front as you'll pass to Ovechkin -- to Wideman and back to Brooks like. For the finish to finally get the caps on the board Axel double over play the best and throws a beautiful pass across the great vision my wife and reflect what's pliable got to get to the net. Later in the third Jason should -- does that -- more. He's able to see England as Marty Brodeur to cut the deficit don't want him. Excellent stick handling by Alexander semi protecting the clock gets it down that you -- I love when guys go from the goal line beautiful goal now under two minutes left in the third. That combination of like -- should merit strike again like it's a rebound past addition there. Cool hopefully it won't try that game at three thought actual work like salmon once against street gets the puck in the for that but you got to have players are. Great work and no one scores in the five minute extra session -- -- -- -- out we wouldn't go. Devils already on the board of Betts didn't get rob Martin Brodeur at the gloves today. It means with a New Jersey RD scoring they needed one more they said Patrick Kelly fashion. Claimed the cup Michael Floyd -- and the Devils go on to win a poor three is the finals. Here's our show me. That summer. Two goals by Jason should merit now has thirteen to leave the capitals crooks like with a plus three rating on the night. Ideally Belichick Adam Henrik and company would get the last laugh in New Jersey. As the capitals falling in a shoot out forestry to find CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Ilya Kovalchuk0:08
  2. Martin Brodeur1:35
  3. Patrick Kelly1:43
  4. Michael Floyd1:45
  5. Devils0:06, 1:32, 1:47
  6. Mel Brooks0:35
  7. Jersey0:03, 1:40, 2:10
  8. goal line1:08
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