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CSN Washington dot com. -- -- back to FedEx company color coordinated duo of Kelly Johnson and Josh Wilson cater. And I -- only look like I'm on holiday functions and other really pretty gut and CTO. Contacted his love it -- try to give Alex and Josh I know it's gotta be disappointing to go out and you beat a Giants seem and then you lose 22 and Vikings -- it's hard to put a finger on. This years Redskins thought. -- -- -- that he would have day you know we let this one get away. We just had to you know few miscues here and there and you know they they made some plays they they only beat Venus. You know today your fans when I did you know take my hat off of him. They got Adrian Peterson on the game and Christian Ponder. Out of the game yet it's hard to combat the turnover issues by your offense you guys always seem to be put in typical situations another -- interception late in this game. Well I mean we we just got to be able yes probably did is that the tough way you know that's -- we send out four and you know last week we had the same thing were able to step out and this week we just figured that. Percy Harvey made a couple big plays there on that last touchdown and drive the -- into the eight yards -- the big thirty. Plus yards you on that what comes into what about playing. It's all out blitz and we'll -- we've had this conversation for -- and zero -- -- on one I want. Sam is obviously got no there aren't you know I'd try to do our best. Our quarterback had to go to Ron. Season you know Marino and have a sense. Yeah I mean what. What's the piazza not -- I know he gives the quarterback but he is better frustrating play as a corner to be put on an island like that knowing that if you don't get that pressure you really stuck out in the open. And yeah that's. I guess that's that's we had them but is definite -- -- Pay of the gets active you know you know it is no blow it you know bad there. We're a local guy I know coming back to -- for the Redskins is meant a lot so what is this first season been like for -- in Washington. How is that you've been you know as far as our record goes up and then you know -- so we can. -- -- more these games out but is is definitely something that we'll grow from and get better event as you know next here and you know years ago but you know. And the sea dogs that looks like it's on its way to being top 108 guys and made big strides let's go to the guys -- -- guys start. -- -- -- -- -- We always talk about how hard is -- to prepare for mobile quarterback for the and also foot like linebackers for cornerback -- guy has to run the ball made sort of -- How difficult is that for you. Is this is really difficult we got to be able to stay on our covers a lot of longer. -- Louis in man to man situations as the acting run around back there it makes -- out today and you know. They made some plays today and then we just got to get no run support and it is definitely is Devery and it especially when you know you prepare for long guy. And then now this having guy 'cause then and we are you really got a game plan to stop ponder and when it comes in and he's a totally different quarterback. I'm before let's go gosh how different does the game plan change by the way one and won a just like you game plan for ponder when he is out -- does something inside you change a little bit. Hello. When I give -- came out there and -- -- were as. -- -- some say the last. But you know his guy who is you know my toss that out there any Mason news runs in you know. Really hurt -- today that's a role Josh -- through a difficult season coming back here but certainly redskin nation in the folks who watched you grow up here. Are happy the you're washing resting thank you very much all right thank -- CSN Washington dot com.



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