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Ivan Carter talks NFL with Charley Casserly-12/27



CSN Washington dot com. Fought back with Charley casserly a resident GM and we start with last eyes are going to the last week of the season to breeze. Taken down Dan Marino's 270 record that Marino fans like me. It -- a little bit. But all records may be broken your thoughts on not only -- doing it for some of the guys in position to do as well. Wildly at the misses diminishes the record stood for 27 years you know one thing talking to Dan Marino. He told -- day and should Don Shula a pick used to take about a games when they were ahead so actually he didn't finish a number of these games when he threw for 5000 yards so let's start there if he was playing in today's game. Ignore the rule part of it. Just take a wide open offices and the amount of people it enough times you throw the ball and the four or five receiver sets he didn't really do that back then. To me he would throw for 6000 yards and I think you might agree man Allen. Yeah I heard you on that one but again ponson Drew Brees instead there are everything that the NFL represents so hat's off to my definitely wanna interpret me. Bashing him but man Dan Marino and people for like 101000. I don't know exactly what we agreed that -- Rodgers to a Super Bowl ring from last year. I'm trying to just decide what why would he possibly play this weekend in the packers' final game because of fantasy folks don't want this Bulls and such that would like to see him what do you think. Well I think that he will play but it's only guess at this point because we don't know the Packers haven't announced anything. Off personally I would plan my play about half I think get him out of there hike is a hell out of timing it comes into this year because first of all they remember they got -- -- -- there. So they're not gonna play for a couple of weeks so I would get him in there the first AF get some timing down and take them out at that point time give once award KCS to play in the playoffs. We don't want that to happen for a packer fan but it could happen now the other thing is people say what about injuries you know what he can get hurt in the first play of the first playoff game and not be in -- yeah so to me. Play and one half. By the sounds good there there's -- but two good games on the schedule I really wanna see Kyle Orton. Has a chance to go back to Denver in and there are sees how sweet would that be for him that's a game unlocked and on to some other good ones what do you want to close -- on Sunday try. I tell you obviously the Giants Dallas is a winner take all but I'm thinking about Cincinnati Baltimore think about this who thought Cincinnati would be playing in the sixteenth game of the year. And home with a chance to go to the playoffs that they went nobody thought that rookie quarterback Andy go -- like Tim Tebow and in Denver rookie quarterback in Baltimore what pressure to have on there. They've not been a good road team this year they're going to Cincinnati which is usually played them pretty tough if they'd lose there'll wild card team again they don't wanna do that. A lot at stake in this game. All right we'll could be a fun fun weekend that's a lot to -- me for the regular season Charlie's been a great time -- great father wanted to back on the that's right he played that we'll see assume. CSN Washington dot com.



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