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Redskins Reset: Looking to 2012, what are the Skins' biggest concerns?-12/29



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Thu, 29 Dec 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Everybody welcomed the redskin park this is Redskins -- Rocky by The Washington Times I'm right how are not CSN Washington dot com blogger rich Campbell from The Washington Times. We agreed before and we could careless about what happened last week at the Vikings let's just look ahead to the finale in Philly on Sunday. Big spread nine points. Meaningless game whose play for some. Jobs. Well you look at this Redskins team in starts of Rex Grossman really. It's got a turnover in every single game he's played this season and an interception and all except the first game daddy started so. Mike Shanahan when he's decide whether to bring back Rex is a bridge to a prospect he's got to look at Rex is 24 turnovers and to -- a deal breaker -- just can't bring him back when stern won't look like that might be too late for him to prove anything this week. Yeah I -- it's like OK you know really it's a major Goodson said you know he's gonna get to just get it out of the way so maybe that's the case against Philly but. You mentioned Grossman that's going to be a topic as we move along in the off season if it is a deal breaker if not him. You -- job back now. Who at ten year you're out there looking at a free agent market that's really thin. So and the Redskins are real bad situation at the quarterback position right now and I mean I just don't see any other way then then picking a first round. Quarterback in the draft. And maybe they have to start right away I mean they might be forced to do this John Beck is under contract so he could come back but. Is he really gonna compete with the rookie and and keep it backward and beat out rookie. What would that say about that the pro. Aspect I mean it is the Redskins have to be disappointed that NASCAR has gone back to USC because even if they had no intention on drafted him it would it driven up the value of their pick. To trade down or trade out so. Looking at the defense. Mike Shanahan says take a -- anticipated rebuild this team he has to be referring to the offense and defense are are there pieces missing that you think you can. Dad had no question and it's the safety and both safety positions are major question marks right now because LaRon Landry is. His contract is up and he's got. An Achilles surgery pending in Oshiomogho Atogwe wasn't the playmaker that they hoped he would be so you look at the back end there in and that's really where the focus has to be. And I would say the front seven I think at linebacker you have to start preparing for London Fletcher is not retirement but Redskins in Philly Sunday a one. For rich Campbell I'm Ryan -- this is Redskins -- Brett you by The Washington Times. CSN Washington dot com.

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