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Tim Tebow inspires local teen to fight cancer-12/30



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Fri, 30 Dec 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. This is thirteen year old Joey Lawrence and he's your typical of the scores -- but he's no ordinary boy. I have -- sell it on -- that he union. -- and simply sad but while Chile may be able to run and play football with his Brothers today I yeah I. Yeah it's gonna fight for his life since he was first diagnosed in August of 2008. So there are different days are big days their bad days. Me and my mom said that you know when we get out the hospital almost three hours until game day. Cancers like the football game like says you have ups and downs throughout the whole game. But fourth quarter comes along it's Tebow time. On a bad day in October his -- suggested it become Tebow time literally the Stanley dubbed it Tebow in a while -- They treated to the Broncos quarterback how cool is that you know and have. Kids that you know. Just can find a little opening or something positive for myself that's pretty special from. -- -- -- A physical response Stephen shared the picture of Jolie with his hundreds of thousands of followers that I believe and the influence he's had on talent. And I know the difference it's made an hour -- and how much joy it's brought to us and there'll be more joy on Sunday. As Tebow welcomes Joey as a special gas to the Broncos game in Denver. Have you been able to kind of grasp at that moment it's going to be life. Not at all I had no idea wand and say tell him I've no idea what I have more asked him. I'm just gonna let it come to me in the heat of the you've come such a long ways where do you see yourself and your -- -- what's the future hold for him. Flown she'll be in high school and I wanna make the football team and baseball team nothing it was a little hard work and determination -- him to do that. Jimmie Joey it's hard to downhill. His joy for life is infectious but the reality is he still has a long way to go he still has ever tears of treatment last. He still has to at least two rounds of let's call them on -- being. I would get to watch is primarily an essential to our system really carefully if you relax again hung -- on -- transplant which don't mean. Months of isolation. But Joey doesn't see his parents fear. He only sees a bright future. -- your big dreamer. Get a hundred -- And they don't aim higher being to the. CSN Washington dot com.

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