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Wizards' Ronny Turiaf out with broken hand--1/2



CSN Washington dot com. I welcome back brazing breaking news concerning the Wizards the big man at -- Terry -- will be out five to six weeks with a broken hand. That is just another blow for a struggling Wizards team that tonight we'll be in Boston looking for their first win -- much had -- now and and while the minute -- Sierra high fell like. Back to backs for that for the team -- -- is gonna go this season -- on Rondo. Last night was just unstoppable doc walker sent our Doc Rivers said that he just had a great game that he called how do you stop this guy. Why they would it's very difficult because he's so oneself is what he understands that you have to score to keep people honest. And then you start setting people up here just Knowles is personnel so well I was talking with Tommy -- and who doesn't change for them longtime Celtics. He breaks it right up there with whom the emperor in terms of -- knowledge court -- in -- visit. -- shot selection for the Wizards it really was -- questionable and they haven't been able to get this going all season long. How does his Wizards offense finally get going and make good choices elections was -- shots. Well I mean there's so many things and you obviously you have to knock down shots that I think I think the biggest thing that's seen as they have to be patient. They run their offense. They executed to perfection almost in the sense of running too hard whether -- the final. Person that's gonna get this out or not. You have to be prepared to run through their hard and set your teammates out. So ideally I think what we see now -- so many players breaking from the offense. Holding on their ball going one on one and it becomes a difficult shot you look at Boston -- last night the ball is hopping around moved around. So both of those things that I think you do I know when I've played I used to look at teams and players that were successful. And you look at what Boston is done you look at some of these other teams how they move the ball. That's what happened in the third quarter I think the team relax a little bit and started moving the ball. And they got some bad breaks defensively they got some steals and that it translated into. But you know some fast breaks and some shots and they start to feel a little bit better about their offense so obviously you can't worry about it what you should be concerned. Obviously a lot of that responsibility falls to John Wall before the game he was challenged. Just to have fun. And not something that Rhonda -- -- you know you you say that you have a veteran leadership he doesn't have the veteran leadership on this team that may be having fun he responds to it. Well yeah I think you the idea. You hear so many people -- have fun I think it's with the idea of relaxing. And doing what your instincts allow you to do what has gotten into this position I did see I think the same quotes you might be talking about where Rondo. Really complemented -- on his game but said look the difference between. I've got some veterans that helped me all through my early part of the career in my first year and even up to amount. You know he said no not when John's teammates but he doesn't have the veterans that I have so you know it's difficult and you need those veterans. And you know John has to learn under fire you know -- to -- works -- them all the time constantly ready with we've played in this league course. Of flipped his vehicles for a long time so he has to listen and pay attention goes resources he is a sponge when it comes to listen in and try to. To take in all the game but it's just so much. To absorb and taking it very short period of time. CSN Washington dot com.



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