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Ivan Carter reports on the Virginia Tech's Sugar Bowl loss to Michigan-1/3



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Wed, 4 Jan 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. For more on this BCS battle to continue our coverage from New Orleans were Ivan Carter standing by and -- that this was gonna sting for awhile. Yeah -- -- a crazy game where as a sportswriter I would even know where to start in leading off a story. -- a wacky wild fought exciting just had a feeling they could have -- of a controversial. Perhaps strange -- may be the bad ending for the Hokies that's just what we got. The six right now. But I'm -- to be -- players -- for how we battled back and will we or as a football team. You know it wasn't lack of effort here at all it was the GM -- preparation. Was. You guys play -- out. We -- opportunities. Really capitalize. Some hits and television which donates and then we just didn't play very well we fought hard. I'm proud of these guys because we have. Els standing right in front of miles from the coast person to whom -- urgency. -- lost tournament -- -- president. It was -- up and then they reviewed and some does -- change it now. And I don't think it was clear of you that it's a -- call moves on to. Yeah actually you know any game involving the Hokies Frank Beamer the kicking game is going to be important get a fake punt that didn't work from Virginia Tech. You -- -- give this game winning field goal that looked like he stutter stepped on received that call before. So some controversy in the kicking game a lot -- we talk about this for days to column. -- Virginia Tech is known for beamer ball and special teams but what happened on that fake punt that was really big turning point in this game. That's -- did it cold up that he had an option on that play basically said let's let's bench he thought I could hit inside him the -- the first down. In retrospect he should go to heading kicked it so he took the play among that it was it was bad timing and it worked pays people to talk a beamer ball did. Think what works in the Hokies pulled out did not work that way for the Hokies. Our thanks so much Ivan and please don't have too much fun number -- tonight. Nothing would never would -- up as they so much easier in Washington dot com.

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