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Wizards start game 0-12 from the field vs. Magic-1/4



Csnwashington.com. -- short jumper -- good Howard -- rebounds they're off and running Wizards have numbers really too much for the short jumper. Nick Young will try for three as well Stewart. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who drives the -- laid it up and how everybody got a piece of the shot -- about. Why is it misses advice rebounds like anybody had to pull right away problem by Nelson Steve (%expletive) explosive they are Comcast sports that crew. As wall drives this is -- to a playoff gets it back this is again. The Wizards just had a double overtime like arranged. To slash or is he in the open jumpers and. Look through the it was all. On the wall has don't -- with a jumper. Wizards' old is a little bit to start the -- Here's Roger off the street. Wow he's dissing you know that -- -- Several options though to get out all the room that. Wouldn't you know coach so yeah Bethel leave yes. Good handle situations. You can see why it's different pupils them. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Nick Young0:13
  2. Wizards0:08, 0:44
  3. Comcast0:37
  4. Washington1:24
Wed, 4 Jan 2012|

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