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CSN Washington dot com. I'm not sure Gilbert Arenas is doing at this very moment. Well we're getting a nice clean shave ice. Maybe a -- But I know one thing he's not doing playing in the NBA Arenas was like a lot of -- few weeks ago -- -- still gets to keep 62 million dollars and tonight the magic kingdom. Two of his former teams meet on the hard -- Where is trying to avoid an 016 start and Flip Saunders with a little foreshadowing. In the pregame our players. And I know that. When you're young dame -- have to play well we're gonna get embarrassed. -- it was right before the first quarter Dwight Howard blocked John Wall and red flagged it with a layup to fall magic cat the other way and who's got a Jameer Nelson. Know why a complete breakdown on both sides of the floor next Orlando possession. Doesn't get any easier than this for -- starting and done. I caps off -- nine -- one to start the game. Moments later Nelson just dribbling around the defense. Turns -- there for Howard who puts it down Orlando by seventeen. After one. Even -- Orlando -- Howard was there. He grabs the board often. 41 points for the magic in -- and it gets worse. -- do it's. There is Howard again. He had a double double in the first half the magic -- 010385. The Wizards remain the only winless team in India. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Flip Saunders0:25
  2. Jameer Nelson0:44
  3. Gilbert Arenas0:03
  4. Dwight Howard0:38
  5. John Wall0:39
  6. Orlando0:50, 1:05, 1:08
  7. Wizards1:27
  8. India1:30
  9. Washington0:00, 1:32
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