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Rob Carlin reports on Georgetown's loss to West Virginia-1/7



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Sat, 7 Jan 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Only twice all season has Georgetown scored fewer than the 62 points they manage against West Virginia and they won both those games. But offense wasn't the problem. The mountaineers shot 50% from the field for the game 60%. In the second half. That's just not gonna cut it in the big east that something that was key. You know from -- -- is this year we've been. I think he's very good defense -- And we were not a good defense team today. You know they got -- our communication wasn't where it needed to be. -- and I think that was that was the game and we got -- You know they executed. And our attention to detail at home mostly at the defense of -- and mum was -- where it needed to do when the game. You know I just thought it was typical of when we play. You know when we play it's good to conclude you know we'd lead by two they lead by two somebody gets above foursome -- -- -- It's back -- I want to them and that's that's what. That's what two games have been other than a one game in the conference tournament or -- practiced pretty good. They've been kind of back and forth and so that's. All of athletics -- for basketball -- -- the emotions so we were only frustrated now we've been in that position before. And so I mean I don't think you're considered so there's frustration. You know so we we we had our opportunities within a couple of them. To Georgetown win streak is over at eleven games their longest such streak in five years they've also now lost five road West Virginia. Next up a David Bob Huggins old teams Cincinnati. At Verizon Center Monday night. With the hoyas in Morgantown rob Carlin Comcast sports net CSN Washington dot com.

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