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Raptors-Wizards game highlights- 1/10



CSN Washington dot com. Plenty of good seats available. Maybe if -- -- the Raptors in town after several reports of selfish play team ball the second. John Wall and Jordan Crawford with a nice finish. Later it's wall with one of his three blocks. -- ahead beyond dazzling who finishes with this stuff in the wizards' big. Then all this deal. Crawford. This -- by all. And ahead of them walk and it will only be able to finish. Wizards up twelve at the way in the third Toronto make it a bit of -- run Andrea Bargnani scored just the First Lady and a big night for the former. First overall pick with the words of -- spot for Singleton. Headed Trevor Booker for the flush Washington goes on top -- -- Later it's more from Booker. Making his fourth start of the season what an impact is he throws down another dog wasn't quite nice scene after three. In the fourth. -- of Washington's rookies combining for one play Shelvin Mack from half court to vacillate and this streak is old. Washington -- 93. Seventy -- the Wizards now join the rest of the league where they marked in the win column Nick Young Rashard Lewis into the way of Washington fifteen. And while ships and nine assists as the Wizards improved to one and on the season. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Andrea Bargnani0:41
  2. Rashard Lewis1:23
  3. First Lady0:43
  4. John Wall0:12
  5. Jordan Crawford0:13
  6. Nick Young1:22
  7. Shelvin Mack1:09
  8. Trevor Booker0:50
  9. Wizards0:36, 1:18, 1:28
  10. Raptors0:07
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