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CSN Washington dot com. The Wizards and Sixers open -- home and home tonight in Philly they'll play again tomorrow in Chinatown the -- were without Andray Blatche again and he went to New York today to see your shoulder specialist and -- quote. No good news from the shoulder doc asked MH which I now know means. Shaking my head well done I'm really forty years old. The Wizards winless on the road Sixers undefeated at home first quarter Wizards forced the turnover Chris Singleton and rookie from Florida State. Coast to coast. Finishing strong. Winds up two -- but the Sixers quickly took control and never looked back Lou Williams the Alley oop to Andre Iguodala Sixers up ten after Juan. Second quarter John Wall. Comes off the high screen finishes strong and -- wall though three of eight shooting seven points five turnovers -- -- was down fourteen if that third quarter six -- photo shoot 6344. -- -- -- finished. Sixers by 41 minutes later -- again. Same result. Iguodala had thirteen points. Stand off a wall turn over Sixers in transition. Jodie Meeks who buried -- three. He had 46 which ties a career high. Sixers outscored the weighs 3818. In the third they led by 34 after three -- fourth quarter. That's an age indeed Jrue Holiday. Sixers win 12089. Another frustrating night as the ways all the warnings and on the season. When things go better when they see him do about themselves -- in the fourth quarter when they're most talented on the floor. But they've played as a unit moved the ball played better. Did things they're supposed to do it and kind of character. Vera model of how we should be sharing the basketball. They have fun playing together they passable. And it's fun to play that way. I think in the fourth quarter. I had a good time playing with the -- group because we share the ball. You know it's not it's not like you know it's rocket science. Basketball's eighteen sport. Few good things coming together as a lineup. From my long game I couldn't get it finished 45 game might be separated very seeded team give you come I really nice for each other -- said. You in the game's history. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Andray Blatche0:08
  2. Andre Iguodala0:39
  3. Florida State0:29
  4. Chris Singleton0:28
  5. Jodie Meeks1:11
  6. John Wall0:43
  7. Jrue Holiday1:26
  8. Lou Williams0:37
  9. Sixers0:03, 0:24, 0:35
  10. career high1:15
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