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Suggs: 'We love everybody in this locker room'-1/22



  1. Super Bowl2:52
  2. Burton1:09
  3. Baltimore1:37
  4. NASCAR1:54
  5. Arizona2:30
  6. Washington0:00, 3:50
  7. moral victories2:16
  8. lost seasons0:53
Sun, 22 Jan 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com I was just make sure we and given to must -- notes it was time to go veg out there and try to traveling down. You know we we are so we had like a -- And -- Can't take have taken things from so. -- do on there. Needs to a man you know and also he did. And also what he did in -- We know we've announced and luckily from job you know one thing he's good and bring a right guys have been there so. I don't know but he did you know he these silences critics but he got to realize that will be back makes you so long. On the fizzles we don't do from -- Plus they know they've been -- you know probable one you know I mean final stop until I get it you know so. I'm opposed you know all season say well throws the last two lost seasons well you know we're we're smuggled in -- who -- -- and on that -- FC north. So next just get the north it is C championship to sudden going you know -- over the -- -- say your fans back home or Burton with him in I'm just you know distraught -- it we can bring one home. On him and we got the team that the players do it and we've been made plays do we just we just fell. You know fifteen seconds show so. What is so good you know I mean. A lot of teams and even had his opportunity tonight. You know a lot of you know a lot of yellows kept already counted us out so we can have a chance but. You know we came in and we showed this event this is that the with the city of Baltimore was about. You know me just because. You know we lost I don't mean we defeated though so remote that movie -- And dome they know everybody in AFC -- and -- I don't know they want to do and a so. So it was the fastest in other NASCAR. You know Pena because you call your lined up otherwise they have that problem VA but you know our secondary. We view we've been -- they've been playing you know phenomenal all year. So -- put. They definitely you know they execute and that's what they do so you need to be adults moment. I -- -- -- -- when I've been in in doing so but you know when he says vote no moral victories. Like -- say that we felt fifteen seconds short handed so. Please pretty please believe we will want happening to me to deal with. That. I've made so and who makes us feel better in Arizona is you know things on -- on mine and now you know. And we -- not a lot clothes that don't look let's look the same never done so. But like you say you know we don't just just a little bit disappointed. There you know we have one more game that this team could play together but. And -- we'll we'll do whatever it all season brings now. -- be able to watch Super Bowl two weeks have you done an adolescent well find plan and it doesn't matter to me no matter who wins Alou so. It's obviously a little more babies you know plan daddy not good to get the speed the put the -- had all you know full time now so. Now you are right here all right you know I mean. Think he wanted to miss -- you know me so it's aside you know mainly we fill you know like this that would fell three point sure. You know good that being you know who you are more in failure do you have to do with success. And -- I think is this all wrong. Feel for -- -- that you won't be a phenomenal kicker for you know years ago I just hope I face them in the future. He'll be out there you know probably kick me out of -- -- me you know zone but my decision you know we love it but in his locker room you know I mean so. With that I mean I think he's going to be all right. CSN Washington dot com.

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