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CSN Washington dot com. Well the Wizards start the new year with a loss to the Celtics as Rajon Rondo recorded his eighth triple double in that game. Now as a team recognizes the Chinese New Year against the sees again with a matinee game today at Verizon Center. Well perhaps a bit of good fortune Rondo was sidelined with a sprained right wrist. While Boston comes in losers of six of their last seven games. Felt John Wall and the wiz with the opportunity as this season go without Rondo and what it is Ray Allen the first after jammed ankle so the second quarter. Had there are down by six when the ball. Goes through with the Florida for the last third quarter fifth pick over Kevin Garnett with a nice jumper around an -- 63 to 49 but the wind. They're fighting back off Paul Pierce turnover Chris Singleton. With the outlet pass up to John Wall for a bit down the weather now down just again I'm gonna get more in the Wizards this time. -- -- big John Wall on the break with the Alley oop to Trevor Booker and we are all tied up at 75. I was 27 points ten rebounds and seven assists -- wall so the fourth quarter and the most -- that close and very black with the outlet pass to Nick Young for the monster slam. -- -- about 8382 home team. But for the winter period would end the celtics' dynamic duo took over first appearance with the -- drive for two of his season high 34 points. And the dagger. They've come from the big ticket for the pump fake then the dumped seventeen for Garnett Boston hits the road when by the score 194. And for the Wizards. They continue to build on every game. I Villeneuve and I was -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- failures that led him and they got the Bears to come off a score and who's really got some destroy -- are you lieutenant just give us have a chance on him to provisionally this team that just play our iron nine -- so I give us a chance in a full court. We've gotten the point where you're -- ten days ago we weren't competing at -- high level which as a boy network of being a high level we definitely have to close out. These games -- -- -- close Oklahoma City. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Rajon Rondo0:11
  2. Ray Allen0:35
  3. Paul Pierce0:52
  4. Kevin Garnett0:46
  5. John Wall0:30, 0:55, 1:03
  6. Chinese New Year0:15
  7. Chris Singleton0:53
  8. Nick Young1:17
  9. Trevor Booker1:06
  10. pump fake1:35
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