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SportsTalk Live: Are the Nats best in D.C.? - 1/24



  1. Ryan Zimmerman0:20
  2. Bryce Harper0:15
  3. Stephen Strasburg0:17
  4. the nets0:10
  5. Tigers0:05
  6. Washington0:00, 0:49
Tue, 24 Jan 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Look existing had a date that prince oversize with the Detroit Tigers looked -- nine years tour for two million dollars I'll weigh in on that I think it was a I think it was a wise move to the nets. Not to give that many years I think they're showing in the right way we Sergio Gonzales he's in town now he's officially here. Bryce Harper will be as soon Stephen Strasburg should be back to what we saw a couple of years ago Ryan Zimmerman should get a long term deal. With the extra wildcard now added I expect to see this team after going 8881 last year. Competing by that I mean what -- for five games of a playoff spot this season. They could very well be the team closest in this city to have adding a championship banner I have bundled up a couple of years -- -- a sound crazy but. I like what they're going to be -- I really do have a good feeling about what might Russell's doing in the learners I hope they keep trying to open that walls don't spend them on CSN Washington dot com.

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