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The Fight Fix: Rashad Evans on UFC 143, Jon Jones and his Super Bowl pick-1/26



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Thu, 26 Jan 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. I'm at the title shot so close at stake you can be sure that evidence we'll do what ever it takes to achieve that goal and regain his championship status. I think what so they can take you know I keep me down. There's just not. He was going well and end designs have been doing. Doug Collins does. He still has a baby has. New guys to play. These guys and there was another athlete somebody who's out and everything. I'm flexible. College choose where you want me to play an -- this guy. I don't -- you think about the fact that we show as a former UFC champion. When he's put -- -- do anyway. The skills to if you shut Evans. He's a little lives. You know. Hey everybody I'm Jennifer Williams and today we have a -- -- exclusive we have had our -- -- on the phone to discuss -- 143. For shot you're supposed to face Phil Davis at UFC 133. Davis pulled out with a knee injury. Davis is an up and coming prospect how excited are you -- -- I'm very excited if things really not think Phil you know he is he's very tough fighter but at the same time. After that my experience. And mama tells who definitely can be passed by. Knocked -- Phil Phil Davison he's come on as fact he's a wrestler but he -- understand this -- is more than just about -- on this fight. Now Davis believes he has a distinct advantage in the wrestling department how have you been preparing for the grappling in this fight. Yeah rob wrestler was in a day you know compared to -- the Phillies understand if you can't take down not rosters how does he expect to take me down. You know I'm sure he may get one takedown but. I don't think it's obvious rust going to be that substantial to a point where he's as dominant in -- you know is not a wrestling match and once he gets that you realize that. And her side you brought up Davis is an experienced before I a conference call last Friday you let Davis now. He's just a boy you -- a fighter except her accent -- Where is this just smack talk or is there a little bad blood between you -- You know it was just Mexico but don't start a -- I really don't like Phillip Davis. Now a lot of -- I don't like the way he smile all the time and I was committed -- -- like he's up to something I don't I don't like buildings that he won't. So -- predict since I learned hasegawa might have been a little -- -- probably gonna go in with a round. This season. Davis went out well. Are you see yourself when you guys you know. Now you know. Speaking of former friends earlier this week Todd Jones a guy you used to train like -- said. I can see Bill Davis winning by knockout and really were shards that ten sucks implying you can't take -- what was your reaction. John Jones -- you know wanted to be used as -- gonna win one of these is Phil's gonna win John don't know if you come and gone when will we see an at and still instead. After I won despite you know whenever do you see him and Cobb and be ready. I'm gonna make sure I keep my body healthy and you know the -- McGinest I would John betterment I want opening day. It's going to be very -- as an announcer for the what does it. Okay. You know I'm I'm. Yeah. For shot if you -- Evans Jon Jones has said he'd be ready to fight you by April would you be ready to fight signed Jones for the light heavyweight title. I'll be ready by a probably read about march I've read about February don't matter if I get when I get passes by. I fight -- on the -- I don't care. We're excited we just talk huge and then name accepts let's talk NFL. Pats Giants rematch of Super Bowl 42 who you got. Man I gotta go with the pats they just looked so good that that thing Tom Brady is something else I just can't he's you know he's -- money you know. So I got to go to -- in this one. CSN Washington dot com.

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