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  3. GM0:53
  4. Jim Caldwell1:13
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Fri, 27 Jan 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. The all clear has sounded it colts' headquarters Peyton Manning an owner -- -- they're back to not on the same page literally and figuratively. After what appeared to be at publics back the star player in the -- talked about. And issued a joint statement today announcing that they have worked out those issues. Joint statement here here is released this afternoon we would like to dispel any misperception. That there might be any hard feelings between -- since 1998. Even doing -- great relationship based on mutual respect and trust. -- went on to say we had a long talk today we want to assure fans everywhere. That we are both committed to maintaining a close relationship and working together through any counts as he took me for. Irsay has until March 8 before haven't Peyton Manning -- 28 million dollar bonus. South that thinks there now. Our resident GM Charley casserly gives us his take. I think as far as the Colts who I would not be surprised at all Peyton Manning's not back first of all we don't even -- he's going to be healthy there's a nerve regeneration initial look. That still needs work at this point in time. The second thing you should take -- Andrew -- to me if you keep Peyton Manning you're gonna keep Jim Caldwell salt I think Manning is moving on now work at the end up. A couple of teams obvious Miami needs a quarterback the Jets do you bring him in and let him go ahead of Sanchez certainly. Selling tickets is always a priority I think with the Jets. However another couple teams we've got the Redskins here does that make any sense I'm not sure the rest of the Redskins offensively are good enough around Manning right now and of course you're gonna run -- Peyton Manning system the dark course obviously Arizona Cardinals. You've got a situation there won't -- was and has brought in an already played a veteran quarterback. Okay in Kurt -- And the other thing he got a great receiver Larry FitzGerald who's the exact receiver that Peyton Manning likes to have a discipline precision route guy who'll work all day and help train the other receivers there are dark horse to me. I think you heard it fairly immense in the red and we want to -- your -- as well tonight at -- when people. -- the Redskins pursue Peyton Manning yes for now long gone CSN Washington I'm about to happen results later -- CSN Washington dot com.

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