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Indianapolis Star's Bob Kravitz on Peyton Manning being a good fit for Redskins-1/30



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Mon, 30 Jan 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. -- have good relation with Peyton Manning do you get a sense of whether this is an injury that he might be able so pilot. Well you know I -- -- the other day and you would have thought that if he had really made a lot of progress one of the first things he would have said to me was. Yeah you know what I'm really close I'm really thrown the ball a lot of zippy didn't say that all he said was he Ku couldn't put a percentage monitor grade on -- Could do see him going to Mike Shanahan system or would they be changing until Peyton Manning insisted. I think a Mike Shanahan system be perfect for. For Peyton especially at this point in his career because. I was in Denver when Mike Shanahan came in and brought this system and for John Elway in John's last couple years in his career. John's last two years with Shanahan they won super balls and they did it with a great defense and with a strong running game so I think as a B to perfect the perfect marriage to question his. Defensively and in other areas are the Washington Redskins close enough to Super Bowl for Peyton to go there and make that much of a difference. Eight of course likes to control things the last -- is that's kind of something that Shanahan in college Shanahan do as well -- you see that working now. I see IC wise I see -- working because Mike Shanahan wants something that's gonna help win football games keep his job. And Mike is I know Mike is Smart enough to understand that if he's got the kind of quarterback. Who can make all those different kinds of adjustments at the line of scrimmage. He is going to be more than happy to allow his quarterback to do that this is not. You know this is not one of the quarterbacks he had this is not back. You know this so I mean I I it's not Grossman so I think I think Mike Shanahan be perfectly comfortable with that CSN Washington dot com.

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