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Ryan Kerrigan at NFL Play 60 kids day at the Super Bowl-2/1



  1. Reggie Wayne1:13
  2. Kelly Johnson2:12
  3. Washington Redskins1:15
  4. Super Bowl1:24, 1:47
  5. Patriots fan0:25
  6. Ryan Kerrigan1:17
  7. Roger Goodell0:44
  8. Tony Gonzales0:43
  9. Colts0:10, 0:51, 1:34
  10. Indianapolis0:50
Thu, 2 Feb 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Alright -- -- and fired up. -- -- I. With Colts owner Jim -- in the city of Indianapolis hosting the place sixty kids day it was clear where these young fans allegiances lie all right how many were Giants ran. Okay. Okay and how many are Patriots fan. I. From football drills to a chance to get drafted and even take a picture with Lombardi trophy the event focus on healthy living and getting sixty minutes of exercise each day. And included NFL stars like Falcons Tony Gonzales and the commissioner Roger Goodell. But it was a hometown hero that proved to be the biggest hit wide receiver for your Indianapolis Colts. -- -- It is big and I've been I've been working with a -- days now NFL and its extensive im excited about it and and they've gotten along right from like The Beatles you know. They're big fans of mine in I just thank bill and that is what we want him to skip Davis is miles in the face and do whatever. -- joining Reggie Wayne was a true local product from the Washington Redskins. Ryan Kerrigan. Okay. Indiana Kerrigan started nearby Purdue University. So having the Super Bowl in his backyard is pretty special. I've never seen -- like this and it's it just shows you how far the states come with football and now that's it's it's really place with the Colts now in football and this is that is really good for the state really get to sit him. How different is that for you now that you're an actual NFL player you've got season under your belt that you and your name is probably bigger. No it's it's pretty cool being back especially with the Super Bowl going on this everything going on after my rookie season it's. It's pretty cool and -- really special and unique circumstance. Coming off a great rookie season in which he recorded seven and a half sacks for the Redskins Kerry and is actually back at Purdue -- trying to finish his degree. So in between two troubled and like this one he's going to class which he admitted it's kind of strange chat in this study something other than his playbook. In downtown Indianapolis Kelly Johnson Comcast sports net. CSN Washington dot com.

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