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GEICO SportsNet Central Update with Michael Jenkins-2/2



CSN Washington dot com. Geico sports net central update. Hello everyone -- Michael Jenkins with the Geico sports at central update and we start with some hockey. Capitals and Comcast sports net well represented in Florida. And a huge showdown for the top of the Southeast Division played first period capped it with a perfect chance for Jeff Albert shot. It's think it's out of the post and somehow doesn't know when. Tough break there. Still schools in the second Michael Samuelson -- what should be a harmless shot. -- go then. Take one more look. That is -- the capitals and wish they could have back as it gets passed Michael delivered. And Washington down a goal. -- the capitals answered right back. -- like gathered the puck and it scores his tenth of the season this game knotted up at one. -- -- -- -- -- Panthers moving the puck nicely and -- -- does it again his second of the evening as Florida when he takes the lead goes on when it. -- Well I thought we played hard you know it's one goes into that. One was a long shot. And and I -- we definitely want back but. And no one was. The only job so it's really game you know it's. -- sings at the you know the breaks -- yes. Former magic player Rashard Lewis chatting it up with Orlando assistant -- great Patrick Ewing for the match to win its first quarter he went protege. Dwight Howard would -- rebounded. The putback dunk. Magnified. Here come the Wizards second quarter Shelvin Mack knocked down a trifecta part of a fifteen to ones. It was Tuesday the first lead of the night late in the second Orlando heating up JJ Redick from distance of an eleven nothing run. Orlando by fourth -- for a third quarter. The Wizards -- keeping them in the game Jordan Crawford from being Seraphin for the slam 51 points off the bench for the whiz kids. That's not enough to slow down Superman who throws it down on JaVale McGee. 23 points eighteen boards for Howard as the Wizards 109103. Right Whitman not pleased with the officiating. I feel bad for those guys America's those guys play so hard. It's hard to win a game 39 free throws tonight. -- let alone be in again. Tour guys you know we came we -- up -- as far as we do. We guys. Nine guys in their rookie contracts. In other non -- respect. -- -- -- -- -- And -- do from here in the Comcast sports net studios on Michael Jenkins for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. JJ Redick1:56
  2. Rashard Lewis1:34
  3. Dwight Howard1:41
  4. Michael Jenkins0:10, 3:03
  5. Patrick Ewing1:37
  6. JaVale McGee2:15
  7. Jordan Crawford2:05
  8. Shelvin Mack1:47
  9. Geico0:06, 0:11
  10. Wizards1:46, 2:03, 2:20
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